Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glamming with Glambox's Mink Lashes

When you hear of mink, it sounds sosyal, like mink coats worn by heiresses and socialites to keep them warm on a winter day. However, aside from the very lush and plush coats, mink also comes in the form of lashes. Yes, ladies, lush lashes are already available and we don't have to be Hollywood celebrities to wear them. Remember Madonna's eye popping luxe lashes that costs £5,000? These were made of mink fur and had diamonds too. As NY Times called it, it was "Blink of Mink." Clever.

I'm glad the girls of Glambox got creative and brought mink lashes to our shores at the fraction of what Madonna would purchase. Now we don't have to be celebrities to wear mink.
Before anything, I would like to stress that Glambox Mink Lashes are animal friendly. No animals were slaughtered or harmed during testing and creating these products. These fibers are made from individually selected mink furs that have been -take note - harvested by gently brushing live farm animals. These fibers are not chemically treated or dyed, and before assembling them into falsies, they are sterilized first so they are 100% clean. Each fiber you see in these lashes are made from 100% real mink fur.

I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for the presskits and promo materials of Glambox Mink Lashes so I got to experience them from a MuA point of view. I found the pair quite easy to work with, and I didn't have a hard time maneuvering them to fit the eye of my model. All I had to do was measure the lashline length and cut the lashes at the ends. I prefer cutting the ends not only to make sure that the falsies have a good fit, but also the ends kinda tend to get painful in time. I like being comfy. Then, I dabbed a thin line of lash adhesive on the lash band. It does come with a tiny tube of lash glue, but you could use your favorite lash glue if you wish, like DUO or Aido. I wait for the glue to get a tad tacky before positioning the lash bands on my lashline for a perfect fit.

When I got to attach the lashes, I asked the model how the lashes felt. She told me that it felt really light. On packaging, you think the lashes would be heavy on the eye since they look quite thick but it was actually very light, she didn't think like she was wearing very thick lashes. Here's a very natural eye makeup that I did on her. If you look at it, Gwen (the model) looks like she has naturally long and thick lashes.

On heavy smoky eyes, mink lashes enhance the smokiness and makes the look more dramatic, framing the eye well.

Of course, lashes like these aren't for one-time use. With proper care, the Glambox mink lashes could last you about 15-20 uses. To store lashes, we need gentle eye makeup remover to take out the dirt and remove makeup from the eyelash area, being careful not to soak in the fibers. Wait for a few seconds so the glue loosens up before peeling off the lashes from your very own lashline. Eye makeup remover should then be used to wash lashes before soaking them in water for a good 5 minutes. Soaking softens up the adhesive (especially if you like using the heavy-duty ones) before using a pair of tweezers to carefully remove the excess glue. Then, lashes should be stored in the box until the next use.

The price of these lashes cost Php 1,500 a pair. Come to think of it, these lashes are way cheaper than what Hollywood celebrities would pay for. It would look great on very special occasions like a wedding or any major event. I like the soft flutter it has and it really looks like we naturally have long and thick fluttery lashes.

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