Friday, October 15, 2010

Yahoo Moment With My Makeup Chair

Ladies and gentlemen (at least to the boys who read my blog), I am happy to present a new addition to my makeup family that has saved my back from aching after doing makeup:

I've been lusting on a makeup chair since I don't know when since I've seen how helpful it has been for me to do makeup. Ideally, makeup should be done at eye level not only due to posture issues but also, sometimes we create a shadow which could interfere with the makeup. Plus, it's guaranteed not to give us back pains afterwards. The only store that sold a makeup chair had a cost up to 5 digits, which really boggled the mind. I'm glad that there were makeup artists who decided to use their resources and sell makeup chairs too of their own. As of then, I was relying on a barstool for my clients to sit so I'm at least eye level with them or sitting down to be eye level. However, sitting down too with the client is difficult too since my brushes get sorta deformed since I'm wearing a toolbelt. But hey, at least my back is painless. I knew I couldn't hold that situation much longer especially if I'll be doing makeup at the comfort of my own home where we don't have a bar chair so I opted to save up for my own.

Luckily, an Angel decided to sell her makeup chair for a very good price. She texted me actually if I knew someone who wanted to buy it and I was like, "Yes I do. That person's me!" It was actually a pretty good deal, I got it at a fraction of what I would usually get it if I would buy from the supplier. And since Angel takes care of her stuff quite well (note: She has this very OC habit of cleaning her brushes with brush cleaner right after she works on a face, before washing them when she gets home), I got the chair and it looks like it's in pristine condition. Another tip to save is to buy equipment from a friend you trust. This is the second time I bought from a friend, the first one was my bigger malette, which I got from Nix.

Anyway, I was really glad I got the makeup chair. For one thing, I had a gig the next day where I did makeup for a wedding. That included 5 heads and since I had my period, my lower back was not spared of the pain initially. The makeup chair made me stay in eye level for a good 4 hours with minor pain on my back

It's so convenient too that it folds flat to fit the trunk of the car. The con with this though is that it's too heavy and I can't bring this to shoots or gigs where I don't have a car in tow or when I'm taking the MRT for example. The back rest could also be washed to remove makeup stains and the like. Since the chair ir pretty high, hairstylists may not prefer thus when they do hair.

Do I love it? I sure do! It's my back savior. That and probably a few Advils. At least there's something to save me in several months. :)

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