Monday, October 18, 2010

MAC Philippines Brings in Venomous Villains

Remember when I blogged about the newest and fiercest MAC collection there is? I'm talking about Venomous Villains of course, and I'm glad that it has arrived at our shores (hey it rhymes!) one store at a time.

Last Saturday, the MAC flagship store in Glorietta was first to release the collection. The entire store was decked in the likenesses of Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, and Cruella De Vil and fans and makeup addicts were there to get their makeovers done and get their dose of venom(ous villains).

I arrived around 12:30 p.m. since I came from Intramuros. I was really excited and despite my lack of sleep, I needed to be very energized and makeup energizes me!

Choose which villain you love. Eeeeee!!!!! I suddenly spot Heartless, one of the two VV babies I'm eyeing on.

MAC artists are busy, busy, busy!

It was so cute that there are four MAC counters here in Manila and each counter would represent the four Disney villains. For the Makati counter, we had Cruella De Vil, with matching music plays. Check out the fabulosa setup.
Cruella is so fasyon I swear! Skintight black dress and mink coat rarrr! Customers could actually don the Cruella costume hanging there and channel the fur-loving socialite to get the Venomous Villain thing going. They could even have their Polaroids taken and take the picture home with them. I actually did! Yay!

MAC Artists are always fierce, and here, they are fiercer than fierce.
Jarwin and Lynn. Check out the cool platinum bleach hair of Jarwin and the smokey eyes. Rarrr!
Jarwin, Lynn, and Kang. Isn't that fur coat love? I soooo love it. If only we didn't live in a hot, tropical country where wearing fur (faux or real) would be too impossible. Dija all see Kang's trademark red lippie? She's currently sporting Heartless.

With the ever-so-adorable GeeVee, who's celebrating his birthday.

Now how do we use these lovely lovely lovely makeup? That's why a makeup workshop had to be conducted by MAC Training Manager Owen Sarmiento and MAC Product Specialist Mikee Raymundo.

Here's Owen doing a demo on the model. He did smokey cat's eyes in a cool neutral scheme with nude lips.

I just had to take a picture of the model's boots. Heehee.Tadaaa! I love it! And check out the wing, that's effortlessly pantay.

I was glad I was able to purchase my lipstick in Heartless, of course since I'm such a fan of red. Heartless is a cherry red lipstick in an Amplified finish. It glided on quite smoothly on my lips. Personally, I would use this on top of Russian Red or Ruby Woo to give it a bit of shine and dimension but it looks great too when used on its own.
Heartless Cruella bonding with my Fafi. Venomous Villains cost a tad more than the non-collection item. This lipstick is worth around Php 1,000 and normally, MAC lipsticks are Php 950. But it's okay. It's pretty.

Heartless on lips. If you want to wear red but lips are dry, this cushy amplified lipstick could be just for you.
Should I now say, "Kiss me, I'm heartless?" I'm still on the lookout for the Magically Cool Powder, which I've heard great reviews on from the artists. I'll try out going dewy and glowy this time since I'm usually matte.

As I'm typing this, there's a storm up ahead and I sure hope everyone's safe. So far, Metro Manila is spared from ill damages. Let's all hope and pray that it stays this way and the storm exits safely. Take care!