Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Gigs: Sharing Krissey's Wedding

I spent last Wednesday working at another wedding, here again at the South. I did makeup for my friend Krissey's special day, and it was another dead-tired-but-absolutely-happy moment for me to be her wedding makeup artist.

I met Krissey around three years ago since she was one of my very first models. In a shoot organized by several photographers, she was one of the models in a photoshoot and I still saved the picture I took of her, and I'm sharing it with you guys:
We were newbies then, so as you could see, my makeup technique here is different from now. Krissey has very defined cheekbones and facial structure plus her eyes are so alive and catlike. Krissey's beauty shot taken by my friend Paelo remains up to this day one of my favorite clean shots:

This shot was taken 2 years ago, I think.

Set aside the kleig lights and green lipsticks, Krissey embarks on another chapter in her life, that is her wedding. We had her prenuptial photoshoot the day after she contacted me. Krissey looked absolutely beautiful, even prettier than she was years ago. I guess being in love makes you prettier. We had fun with color and concepts in her prenuptial photoshoot, and her husband-to-be Jannus was game at the thought of having makeup done and posing as well. They both registered well in camera.photo by Christine Gonzales

Krissey described her theme as gold and copper, and with a nighttime wedding and an off-white gown, I opted for my favorite palette of amber, gold, and browns. I really like a warm palette because I like the healthy glow it gives. So I went for gold and copper on her eyes with a tad of smolder. Krissey has such lovely eyes so it's easy to play up with them. Peach was the color for her lips and cheeks and I wanted a bit of gold highlight for the goddess feel.

Originally, Krissey wanted her hair down and wavy for her wedding hair. However, when we saw the gown, the intricate beading and details Wacks suggested a loose updo that's still feminine instead of school marm tight.

Ze very intricate haircomb and accessories. Krissey has two veils, a shorter one for the face and a long one that trails along her gown, which has double the train. The train and gown was a mixture of pleating, beads, and 3d details that went well together.

Her sister, Kim was the maid of honor. She wanted a high, tight ponytail similar to Venus Raj. While being inspired by the beauty queen, dramatic eyes in a forest green color was the palette I chose for her.
Krissey's mum and dad also had to look fabulous too. :) I love the gown of Krissey's mom. To match, I gave her plum-pink eyes. The dad was just too adorable. Seeing how gorgeous his daughters and wife looked, he also opted to be groomed as well.

For men, I just evened out skin tone and gave warmth to the skin using bronzer. I don't want men to look too made up, just fresh with even-toned skin.

After the wedding, Wacks and I did some touch-ups on the couple's makeup. I amplified the smokiness in Krissey's eyes and tamed out any oiliness or shine spots. The long veil was now out of the way, and her hair was brought down to a low side ponytail. So, here's the beautiful newly-wed couple:
Congratulations to Krissey and Jannus! :)

Bride: Krissey Vellon-Materiales
Groom: Jannus Materiales
makeup: Bambi de la Cruz
hair: Wacks Joaquin
Preps: Bellevue Hotel
Location: Fernbrook Gardens, Alabang

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