Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alejandro Makeup Tutorial

Ever since Lady GaGa's video "Alejandro" came out a few months ago, I fell in love with it and the music. Sure it's a bit risque with a whole lot of shock value. But if it were not, then it would not be GaGa. The video has got a lot of reactions on both sides, either way, it did get a lot of attention, anyhow.
And what did I decide to do? I made a tutorial based on Lady GaGa's look. In Alejandro, Lady GaGa had sort of the dark lip and neutral eye look. The eye colors were more on white and ivory with lots of shine and shimmer instead of smoke and we have the matte red lip. Her first look with the funky spectacles and veil here had blonde brows and you could clearly see a matte red lip in a cool color. The eyes were almost neutral and swept a shimmery bone white shade. However, I thought our eyes could get lost in the shimmer if we don't have a defined crease such as she does so I decided to combine that look with this look below:
The brows are somewhat defined and there's a bit of depth on the crease. I'll make this look like an everyday version of Alejandro, something that you could wear during nights (or what the heck, days out). It's not as pale, since I don't have the Alejandro lighting but I used a cool palette rather than my usual warm. Browns are more taupe with a bit of purple in it rather than warm rich brown.

Shall we start our Alejandro look then? Then we shall.First up as usual is foundation. I'm fond of matte so I layed low on shimmer foundation. I used foundation that's close to my skin color. One thing aside from Lady GaGa's toned body is her flawless complexion so I made sure that my skin looks clean and devoid of redness or blemishes with proper coverage. We'll be using red lip color so we have to make sure the skin is clear since red lipstick could enhance redness and blemishes.

Next up is to contour cheekbones and nose to mimic Lady GaGa's sharp bone structure. I think contour gives the face not only overall warmth but it also gives dimension. I didn't want my face to look flat so here I go.

After contour, I framed the face by defining my brows. Brows wouldn't be too dark here but I wanted them to be wearable, so the rule of a whole or half-step lighter than head hair color applies here.
I used a base since I'll be using lots of frost and shimmer and I want a base for my colors to hold. I used a cream eyeshadow in a neutral color but for those with creasing problems, then I recommend leveling up with UDPP or paint pots.For the browbone highlight, I used a matte ivory color and blended this in.The lid would be a shimmery eyeshadow in an ivory color. A perfect example would be the hi-shine color of MAC in Nylon. I like using this to highlight the part near the tear ducts but I think it would be excellent for this look.

I used a taupe color or gray-brown color to contour the crease so my eyes aren't that washed out.

On the outer corner, I used a deeper color in the same cool brown family on the outer V and extend this to the lower lashline. For more impact, you could line the lower lashline with brown eyeliner and set it with that same color of powder.

So in progress, your eyes should look like something like this.

To define the eyes some more, Line the top lashline with black liner very thinly. You could opt to wing it or not. Mascara as usual. Lastly, line the waterline with white liner, just like Lady GaGa's first look. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with the same shimmery lid color or white shimmery eyeshadow.
Although Lady GaGa looks pale here, we should not if we don't want to. So a natural-colored cheek color should be swept on the apples of the cheeks, but nothing too bold or raspberry-like. However, if you prefer pale, then blush could be skipped and highlight could be used for that lift and contrast.
Now what makes the look rarr? Red lips. The lips are very matte. Matte lips equals dry lips though so make sure to prep the lips with lip balm prior to lipstick application (I do this during skin care). Line lips with red lipliner and fill in. Next, brush a matte bright red lipstick (I used a cool colored red such as MAC Ruby Woo). Blot and reapply.

So here's my Lady GaGa look :)

It's not really scary or anything, and obviously it isn't a total copy of her Alejandro look but it's pretty much the same concept adapted for everyday wear. I prefer the lip being sculpted and shapely so I was really OC with the lipliner.

And in the spirit of Alejandro, let me share with you something... a recent cover I did of the song:

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