Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Period SOS Kit

Here's something to sorta aleviate my period each time it comes by every month. I was happy to receive a Happy Period Kit a while ago, which contains several items which would help aleviate symptoms of that time of the month. I hate my period. I really do. During that time, everything is uncomfortable and yucky. Those five horrid days of the month are what I call my panget days - occasional breakouts, bloat, sensitivity, name it. After that it's dyosa self again. The only good side I have of a regular period is that I have a healthy reproductive system, but otherwise, the bloat, PMS, and all that makes me wish I'd be a boy. My fainting spell a couple of weeks ago made me add ferrous sulfate during those days.

So although I can't completely remove my period during my system, this pretty violet kit from Whisper contains several essentials for me to at least have a happy period.

Chocolate - comfort food. What's the first thing we all grab on to when we're upset? That bar of chocolate. Remember Elle Woods when Warner broke up with her? She downed Milky Ways, and they were not the fun size. Nevermind if the calories go up to my behind. I need my happy hormones. I'll work out later, which by the way, is a must during the period.

Tea - tea calms the tummy owies and the senses. A cup of tea never fails to make me feel better. During our period, we need all the feel-good stuff in the world. Not to mention tea has certain health benefits. I like chamomille to help me sleep.

Hot Compress - trips to the clinic during high school days when you have your dysms? The nurse gives you a familiar red or blue hot bag to place on the tummy area. The temperature warms up the muscle and comforts the pain.

Spa in a Can - This cute contraption was the "cannot be missed part" in the kit. I was quite intrigued. It's actually an aromatherapy balm. The direction was to rub a small amount between the palms of the hands, then cup the hands over the nose and mouth and take deep breaths. The scent immediately calms the senses and the peppermint sort of clears the mind too. Perfect when our stress levels are heightened during these days huh? Most of all, it's organic!

Ibuprofen - painkillers are our last resort when all else fails or we don't have a hot compress within our reach and the pain is just too much to bear. But don't take too much of these because it could build resistance. However, I do understand that we are only human, and we need fast relief. Make sure though, that you're not allergic to ibuprofen or NSAIDs before taking anything internally.

Whisper Pads - because we need proper protection from leaks, stains, and all things yucky. The cottony cover feels like second skin and won't suffocate our very delicate skin.

I guess this is definitely rescue for every girl during those days. While I may not look like Angelina Jolie overnight, at least I'd feel better with a bit of happy and calm. Now only if Brad Pitt personally delivered my happy period kit then it would be a happy happy period. :P Okay I kid again.

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