Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoots: Tanya, Priscilla, and Leslie

Unexpected serendipity when I received an SMS from a photographer I worked with asking if I would like to be a makeup artist for their shoot the next day. It came at a right time because I'd be meeting a friend also that day so it was a perfect way to maximize my day.

South traffic was the only hitch I got (the alternate route was pretty clogged as well) when I got there, plus the horrible weather. When I got to the place, I set up my station and proceded to work with my first model. I was given the freedom to do what look I wanted on her. I asked if I could take a look at her outfits first and if she had any preference. She just asked if she could wear her hair straight since she's always photographed in curls.
Here's Leslie When you look at her, you immediately get reminded of anime girls with her expressive eyes and high cheekbones. I gave her a cool, rosy scheme of pink and purple without looking too Barbie, since her clothes were a bit sexy. Again, the classic pastely pink lips were used. I know I'm a matte fan but here, since I wanted her to look healthy, I put a bit of sheer shimmer on the tops of her cheeks for a healthy highlight.

Tanya is a dancer. She told us that it's her first time to model ever, but from her pictures, she looks like she has been doing this all her life. Her expressive blue eyes and platinum blonde hair are the first two things I was drawn to. It made her look angelic but since I already had a pink scheme done, I wanted something warmer to bring out and intensify the blue eyes. I chose copper and amber for her eye color followed by peach on her lips. The stylist, Mes, wanted a clean look on her too, for very basic beauty shots. Actually, most of the looks I did here are bridal-inspired shots, since I plan to focus on weddings again for the rest of the year and next. For platinum blonde hair, it was quite tricky to know what brow color to use. I went for a light color on the brows like charcoal brown then used Girl Boy to soften it. I didn't bring my Sophisticated brow set with me that day. darn. But I guess it's time to get used to Girl Boy now. I'm glad I used peach and browns for Tanya because she wasn't a fan of pink. I like how the color palette warmed her skin quite nicely and brought out the blue in her eyes.

Priscilla is what I called classic Bobbi Brown beauty, the typical face for most of the Bobbi Brown looks, so I knew now what technique I'd use on her. Pink-brown, but I made it my own by emphasizing her facial contours. I love Priscilla's brows. It makes her overall look more expressive and youthful. I didn't have to do much but brush it with Girl Boy brow set to soften them. Her long and thick hair was curled for volumzing waves. I envy how long and thick her hair is! I even asked the brand of her shampoo. Hahaha.
Strong brows go with strong lips so I chose berry for her lip color. All these colors are from my Kryolan lip palette, which I didn't know looked amazing in photographs. Well, that's one lesson learned too!
How would I describe the shoot? Fun and fast! The photographers were a riot and they really made the models feel comfy with posing. I love the headshots they did - they were all very clean with minimal retouching. I like headshots with skin looking like skin.
I'm really glad I got to do shoots like these. Not only did I get to work with three faces, I get to practice more on beauty and bridal makeup, skills I should always tuck by my belt.
Next up... airbrush!
models: Leslie, Tanya, and Priscilla
photographers: Ogie Abastillas and Chi Busque
stylist: Mes Yuson
location: Red Digital Studios

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