Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Body Shop's Fall Makeup Trends

Now that the colder season approaches, the scorching sun being replaced by cloudy skies, rainshowers, giving us more excuse to bring out the sweaters, makeup trends also change. For spring and summer we have a very fresh and bright palette signifying life and all things blooming. Fall's actually a darker palette. Smoky eyes, warm colors, smolder, sexy, and all things RARR!

I got invited yesterday to have a sneak peek of The Body Shop's fall collection. Yes, hypoglycemia and anemia begone I still travelled for this. Makeup is love and nothing could stop me, make it hell or high water. *evil cackle*

Before anything else, I took pictures of the display:

The palette still had the traditional The Body Shop shimmery texture but this time, colors are warmer and eyes are smokier. The collection is aptly named "Smoke and Fire" Rar. Fierce.
If you're wondering what those tubes are on the bottom right, these are the Kajal pencils. I'm a Kajal user, and I go to an Indian store to source out my black Kajals. Kajals are the Holy Grail of the smoldering eyeliners. So Bollywood. An Indian friend of mine told me that Kajals were used to line eyes to make them appear bigger. Traditionally in India, even babies have their eyes lined with Kajal to make the eyes appear bigger, making them look awake hence protecting them from evil spirits.
The Body Shop's Kajals that I swatched were the gray and green one, which glide on like butter to the eye. I really recommend setting this with powder because they tend to get too creamy and travel. They also work as a fabulous eye base so eye makeup's more intense.

While on the talk of eyes, check out the eyeshadows.I like the shade of peach, which is a great lid color for weddings. It warms up the eye quite nicely. I'll be test-driving this later. We've also got the blue-grey color, which gives a great dimension to a smoky eye so it's not all flat black. The green is a refreshing take to the smoky eye. Most Asian eyes look great with green eyeshadow, and this pine color gives a deeper smoky eye than usual spring-y fresh green.

Swatches of the Colourglide lip color over here. Just like the name, these lipsticks glide on smoothly. Color payoff is quite fabulous, which is yay for those with uber dry lips who still want color. Instead of candy pop colors, we have natural-colored lips. So in contrast with intense rar smoky eyes, we have the our-lips-but-better look.

The Autumn Leaves Compact are absolutely fabulously cute, I'm kinda hesitant to use them at first because the design's too precious! Anyway, you could create 3d shimmery cheek color by swirling the brush on the compact then blending the color on your cheeks or use them individually as eyeshadows.

I swatched the peach compact for you guys. The swatches on top are the individual colors and the swatch below the four stripes on top is the swatch of all the colors together. Personally, I like this one since it flatters our yellow-toned complexions more, enhancing golden undertones. Besides, it makes our un-tanned skin look healthier since there's no access to beaches due to periodic raining.

I was able to use this too on myself as a subtle contour. For a rosy glow, the pink compact would be adviseable.

Here's Billie, our lovely model, as makeup artists show us all how to do a very basic look using The Body Shop products from foundation down to lipstick.

Then, we were shown how to create a smokey eye look using The Body Shop's Smoke and Fire Collection.

After the makeover, we see a smokey-eyed Billie. Billie here sported blue-gray smokey eyes, which went well with her monochromatic outfit and black boots. The smokey eye was quite easy to do. All it took was blending, practice, and of course just having fun with makeup. In contrast, Billie sported nude lips with just a kiss of gloss to make her lips look lush.

Intrigued? Interested? Do check out The Body Shop's Smoke and Fire collection to welcome fall and have fun with creating a sexy, smoldering look.

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