Monday, August 16, 2010

Spending My Sunday with Yeoh, Tin, and Diana

I was chatting with Tin last week and she asked me if I'm okay to shoot Sunday afternoon. It's just one model for her set cards and a few glam shots. I love Tin, I love her work and she's my friend. Of course I'd say yes. I was just a bit late since I had a fitting in the morning and I needed to take shots of fabric swatches. Nevertheless, I got to the place and I was able to chat with Yeoh and Tin before setting up.

Our model, Diana arrived looking fresh with little makeup (some girls are lucky). First up, we had to do a very basic, clean fresh headshot. I just found out that models need clean headshots that need to be updated periodically. For the headshots, I had to make my model look like herself, with minimal makeup and simple hair. "No smokey eyes," Yeoh told me. The smoky eyes would come later of course.I skipped the falsies for the clean headshot. I wanted Diana to look like how she usually appears in her go-sees. Yeoh was kind enough to iron her hair and he definitely did a good job. Some of the raw shots looked like a shampoo advertorial. No shimmer overload here, but I did place shimmer on strategic places for highlights .
Tin asks Yeoh's approval of the light settings.

Here's a look of my makeup on Diana taken using my phone.

Clean, pretty, and simple. :)

Diana also had a few more glamour and fierce shots. In between, we got hungry and ordered McDonald's. Multitasking, here's how we are:
Yeoh: Ordering McDonald's while curling Diana's hair
Bambi: Holding the phone while retouching Diana.
Diana: Browsing through my Bobbi Brown book.

This is a darker Diana from the former look. I gave Diana a Lara Stone inspired look with the light brows and dark eyes. The peg called for dark lips so I mixed plum and black for this color. The shoot ended at around 5:30 p.m. with four layouts. Definitely couldn't wait for the pictures. Looks like I'll be doing another set card layout pretty soon.

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