Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney and MAC Come to the Dark Side with Venomous Villains

Looks like Disney loves makeup now as they collaborate with various makeup brands. This time, Disney collaborates with MAC to come up with a limited edition makeup collection (wiiii!). Instead of pretty princesses in frou-frou and fluffy gowns whisked away by a handsome Prince Charming though, Disney pays tribute to those who give spunk, spice, and story to their fairy tales, namely the villains. Don't you just love how they broke tradition here? Come to think of it, the villains do deserve a treat this time. After all, if it weren't for them, there would be no story in the first place. What would 101 Dalmatians be without Cruella de Vil and her henchmen with the car chase? Imagine if Ursula didn't make that bargain with Ariel or what twist would Aladdin's tale have without Jafar returning twice? Yep, we need them nasties for those tales.

For this collection, four of Disney's nastiest villains are featured. And the packaging takes a revamp with the characters images embedded on them. Isn't that just... nice? (*evil smirk*)If you look closely at the villains too, you'd see that they are stars too in their own dark world. Take for example the beautiful Evil Queen from Snow White with a heart as cold as ice:Poised and primped as she forever is, the Evil Queen forever hungers to always be the fairest in the land. No one must be more beautiful than her, except of course her lovely stepdaughter Snow White. Fearing competition, the Evil Queen at first made her scrub and work in the palace and dressed her in rags in vain attempts to uglify her. When that didn't work, the Evil Queen did the last resort, which was to kill her. This villain who would go to the extreme to be on top is immortalized in cool palletes to match her cold heart - purples, cool deep pinks and burgundies.Maleficent, the evil sorceress from Sleeping Beauty who cursed the beautiful princess to sleep for 100 years and morphed into a dragon up to her death would be every child's nightmare. Her cool green skin, horn headress and pet vulture used to send chills down my spine as a child, I'd hide under the covers every time her scene comes up in the cartoon.

Despite her scheming character (plotting 18 years to kill a princess), I have yet to see the evil witch pull a tantrum. Iconic evil smirks and her cool, calm voice as she talks to her pet vulture make her iconically poised (Why do these villains seem more poised than the heroes?) As a tribute to her, just like the Evil Queen, we have cool colors of purple, green (just like her skin) and plums.

The clean and cool plums of the lipsticks Violetta and Dark Deed (both in Amplified finishes wiiii!) would look great with a strong brow and clean skin. Plus I'm eyeing on the nail lacquer called Bad Fairy, which is a very landi red color. Find this look too pale? Sweep a bit of Briar Rose beauty powder so as not to look too pale.

The most fasyon of all fasyon villains is probably none other than the fur-loving socialite, the empress of Hell Hall Cruella De Vil. Her name does ooze with evil, I tell you. Evil.
Perfect fashion sense all the time this woman, even in a car chase and going on hysteria with fur and puppies. The cartoon version's weight seems to collapse under all that fur (white mink, nothing less). But she loves fur right? She loves fur she would dognap and kill for them.
Lipstick picture grabbed from

Cruella trully seems to have good taste, just like her obsession for fine fur, I've got the same for deep red lipsticks, and the lipstick on the left, named Heartless is a cherry red in an amplified finish got my eyes popping. Since MAC's carbon would be included in this collection, a nude lip using Innocence, Beware! (right) would be perfect for the dark coppery smoky eyes in Cruella's palette.

Of course the dastardly devious male villains had to be included. Here, they are represented by Dr. Facilier. As a child, I didn't remember Dr. Facilier scaring the bejeezus out of me until I googled him while researching for this post. Turns out this dude appeared in a rather recent Disney film, namely The Princess and The Frog. Sinister and charismatic are words to describe this voodoo master. Just like several other Disney villains, his SOP is to trick his victims into making deals with him.
So what would be makeup to represent a male villain? For the eyes that pierce through skulls, Dr. Facilier's got greasepaint sticks to line, smudge and define. Sparkles would be taken care of by the pigments Brash and Bold (bright magenta), Melon (a soft and bright golden peach), and Push the Edge (deep bright purple with pearl). Lips are not left out with lipgelle and Dr. Facilier's got Resort Life (off-white with pink pearl) to add balance to darkly defined eyes.

Spotlight on the MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder too. I've been told by the MAC Artists that this is one product to look for. It not only gives a dewy finish when brushed onto the skin using a brush but it also has a cool minty feel on the skin. Magical yes?

This collection would be out definitely by September 2010. Whether it be Cruella's obsession for fur and fashion, Evil Queen's competitive strike and hunger for beauty, Maleficent's decades-long planning for murder and deception, or the devious and scheming ways of Dr. Facilier, MAC's Venomous Villains are there to unleash everyone's innermost contrabida in a fun and colorful way. As of now, I know what I'm about to lunge for and claw my way when they come out, red talons and poisoned apples and all. ;-)

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