Saturday, August 7, 2010

Legally Blonde Week 4 In Pictures

It's a little long overdue but I wanted to complete my Legally updates. For the last shows of Legally Blonde, I got to do the Friday and Sunday show. As I'm typing this, I really miss the show and working for them. It was quite fun. The travel just was tiring since it's a farther location.

During the whole run, I compiled clips of the behind-the-scenes videos and edited them to come up with this, so you guys could get to see more what we do backstage. :)

The music I used was actually from the motion picture that I downloaded, to sorta fit the whole sequence.

Pictures over here of course

Here's Kang mixing foundation as she does makeup on Nyoy.
Yours truly also did makeup on Ms. Jinky as I transform her to Paulette Bonefonte... smoky teals and hot pink bubog lips and all.

At the cast party, I had a photo op with none other than Elle Woods herself, Nikki Gil!

It was indeed an amazing run and I definitely had fun working backstage as well as watching the show. Just a while ago as I was on my way back from my client, I caught a glimpse of Meralco and I remembered the fun times I had backstage, the frenzy of doing makeup fast since the show would start in 2o minutes, the kulitan, and of course the new people I've met. Till the next show you guys! See you soon!

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