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Anne Curtis Does Truth Or Dare and My Own Experience With The All-New Whisper

Probably one of the busiest girls in showbiz is Anne Curtis. You see her in billboards as you drive along EDSA as she endorses a clothing line, a dermatological clinic, or a cosmetic product. Drop by your favorite bookstore, she's a magazine cover girl in the fashion (or men's) magazine you pick up. Turn on the TV, you see her in the noontime show, Showtime, her latest telanovela or movie trailer.
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Most of us have seen Anne blossom from the cute bedimpled child star to the sexy vixen to the fine actress that she is now (boys, I know you're staring at the Anne pictures :P) . Last Thursday, Anne took time off her busy schedule to answer a few questions from the media and take on a few dares as well.

Anne is currently one of the endorsers of Whisper, as she joins the roster of Whisper endorsers since it first came here to the Philippines. Even at that time of the month, a busy girl like Anne needs to still be protected, confident, and ready to work and get by the day.

The event was held at Sofitel hotel in Manila, where the Visayas ballroom was fixed to look like a game show setup.After lunch, the event started and Anne soon arrived looking fresh and beautiful as ever with minimal makeup and hair back in a neat ponytail.

So here's how it goes. Before the event started, the press was asked to write down questions for Anne on a piece of paper and drop it in a fish bowl. The host, Sam Oh, picks a card from the bowl and calls the name of the person who wrote on that card. That person spins the giant wheel on the center. The pointer stops to either Truth or Dare. For truth, Anne answers the question on the card. For dare, there's a dare challenge in store for her.

Anne gamely answered the questions, most of them pertaining to career, love, and her own goals. Anne even shared her beauty tips when asked. "I always make it a point to remove my makeup at the end of the day and give my face a rest by not wearing makeup when I'm not working" she said. For her diet, she relies on the "jeans technique". If her jeans are too tight, it's time to diet (healthily, of course).

Among her dares were a hip hop dance challenge, a twister challenge, and a yoga challenge. Anne did all challenges with ease (and in white!). Being a yoga practitioner, Anne was able to do all three poses asked with perfect balance.

After that, I decided to put the product to the test. Coincidentally, it was also part of my recent grocery shopping as well. So how did my own experience go? Okay... read on.
Just a bit of product information, Whisper has two variants, namely Super Clean and Dry (endorsed by Kim Chiu, who was currently at the US at that time) and Whisper Cottony Clean (which Anne is endorsing).

Here's Whisper Super Clean and Dry:
The pad has grooves called Circles of Protection, which prevent leakage in all areas - front, back sides, and everything in between. For those purchasing the thinner(but high performance) pads called Whisper Ultra, that one has 400 absorbent funnels to pull in wetness. There's also the Flower Fresh Core to keep wetness away while staying fresh all day. Whisper Super Clean and Dry is the original variant having that a weave-like lining that keeps wetness away from us. For those who still remember the very first Whisper commercial by prima ballerina Liza Macuja, this is called the Dri-Weave Topsheet.

Next up is the product Anne endorses, Whisper Cottony Clean:
Whisper Cottony Clean also has the same features of Super Clean And Dry - Flower Fresh Core, Circles of Protection, and 400 Absorbent Funnels (for Whisper Ultra). Instead of the weave-like lining, we get a soft lining that's similar to soft cloth.


So here's my personal take on it. Okay, this might be the time for the boys to go back to the Anne Curtis pictures as I would be talking about girl stuff.

I used the Super Clean and Dry during the time when my flow was heavy (in my case it's usually the first and second, sometimes even the third day). During those days, I needed all the protection I could get so bring on the 400 absorbent funnels, dri weave, and wings to keep my pad in place. I like that I didn't feel any icky feeling at all and the wetness was really drawn in. Sometimes, I do have times when a sudden movement like lifting heavy objects or running could make me feel that "sudden gush" (sorry to the male readers here, but girls, I'm sure we could all relate) that would make me stop whatever I'm doing. I'm glad though for those 400 funnels in there or else I'd be cursed and marked (literally) for that day. The pads for heavy flow and overnights withstood the nights where I would need extra protection from any unwanted leakage that could shock and stress me out when I wake up in the morning. For the really, really, heavy days, I sometimes use the overnights variant.

I preferred to switch to the Cottony Clean during the lighter days where my er... area... would need a breather. Wearing pads could sometimes make us feel uncomfortable and if you're sensitive, there's irritation that's bound to happen similar to diaper rash. Since I still need to be protected but I needed to keep fresh, I thought the cottony clean would enable me to have the best of both worlds making my skin breathe while keeping me protected from any leakage and traumatizing accidents. It did live up to its word and the cottony clean felt almost like real fabric on my skin instead of suffocating me down there.

From both variants, I also subjected them to the ultimate test of still going on with my (very active) daily activities. I worked out, carried that heavy malette, jumped rope, ran up and down the stairs, and did manual labor. With that much, I was expecting my pad to bunch up, twist, and if I'm unlucky, tear. Even sleeping, I tend to move a lot as well. I could say that my pad still stayed intact, withstanding twisting, turning, running, and all that (thank you circles of protection). The fresh scented cores didn't iritate me too unlike the conventional scented sanitary pads from yesteryear.

I could say that I'm happy with this product as well. It's definitely expected to be included in my next shopping trip. It helped me get by my activities and I was lucky that it also helped me avoid any unfortunate leaking accidents. Now my only problem during my period is the horrible cramps, migraines, and bloating, and that would be the job of mefenamic acid and healthy lifestyle.

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