Monday, August 30, 2010

Sharing Some Of My August Shoots

Sharing a few of my shoots for the month of August with two of my pretty model friends.

Last Sunday, I had a shoot with my Buhay Baboy friends Jho and Ram. The pegs were amazing and we all know how well Jho registers in pictures (she's got a billboard right smack in EDSA to prove it).

I love the Spanish Senorita peg. would you believe it was supposed to be a plum scheme originally from the peg but when I saw the Spanish fan props, I had to do my own alterations.

Peacock feathers definitely. The lips are a mix of MAC Ruby Woo (which I found out had a retro-matte finish, which explains why it's drier than Russian Red or Viva Glam I) and topped off with Shu Uemura RD 165, Jho's favorite red lipstick from my kit. For her foundation, I used my MUD foundation which clears skin almost instantly.

The second peg was totally not the sunshine-y Jho we know. Dark lips, dark eyes, black fabric, black lace gloves, and yes... black eyebrows (a matte black eyeshadow was used here) were used to change the sweet Jho to someone like this:I love playing with eyebrows since they totally alter the face of a person. Jho's lighter brows during the first peg created a totally different and more subtle beauty shot. This concept shot totally changed her face.

We're cooking up a new shoot soon, this time more colorful and fun.

All of you remember my shoot with Diana right?

Her basic, clean headshot spells fierce.

Models are required to have basic and clean headshots all the time and to keep it updated. The clean headshot should have simple hair and makeup with minimal postprocessing, just basic cleaning and contrast. Here's Diana with super-clear skin that glows and not a hair out of place.

From clean, Diana goes vampy and glam. I think she reminds me of Angelina Jolie here, with dark smoky eyes and nude pink lips, a very Angie trademark look.

And here's Diana chanelling Lara Stone

I used plummy lipstick here topped with a bit of my black lipstick so it still registers dark on black and white photos.

I'm off to go to an event in a bit. It's a national holiday today, and there's no work for me today. I guess it's time for everyone to relax. Enjoy everyone!

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