Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Story of my Nokia E63

Another of my posts which took some time to write is my birthday gift to self. Two months have passed since my birthday already. Anyhow, I'd like to share to you guys what I got myself for my birthday. At least, although it's a late post, I've explored much of its features (at least the basic ones).

Anyway, most of my friends know that I'm not much of a gadget girl. It's more of I have no patience to really learn specs and also, my brain is more programmed to work on canvases than understand software concepts. For a good eight years, I've lived through my old Sony Ericson T610 and refused to get a new phone. The only new phone I get is the one that comes every 2 years in the Sun Cellular Rewards Plan. However, I've realized the need to because the increasing number of contacts I have makes my phone hang each time it functions. The VGA camera doesn't help much in taking pictures at low light settings. Most of all, each time I turn off my phone, whenever I turn the phone back on, the battery life magically drains. So for my birthday, I decided to get a new phone.

For my new phone, I needed something that's one, fairly decent in terms of basic use - a good-quality camera (at least 2MP), bigger and expandable memory, user-friendly, durable, and nothing too complicated. WiFi is an option but not a necessity and I prefer keypads over touch-screen features. I consulted the boys since they are more versed in tech stuff as I am (ah... the perks of having male friends) and their inputs have been quite useful for me to find the perfect phone.

While hanging out at Town Center and window shopping, I saw the Nokia E63 being sold at a friendly price with a very friendly 0% interest installment plan (no way am I going to plunk heavy cash right then and there). After much contemplating, I decided to get it for myself as a birthday present. When I showed friends and family what I got for my birthday, they were like, "It's about time!"
I got the black variant. I really wanted the red one, but the store ran out of the red and had it only in blue and black. I thought black would be the better choice. It looks like it's such a serious phone, which is quite the opposite of me since I'm hardly ever a serious person. However, it's a work phone and it needed to be serious. The QWERTY keypad feature makes me avoid shortcut texting so I'm more formal when I'm texting clients and makes it faster for me to type longer texts.

Features-wise, I like the bigger memory capacity so it could make me store more contacts, especially with work since I meet a whole lot of new people each time. The calendar feature (plus the alarm I get 30 minutes before call time) makes sure I never get to miss important appointments, shoots, events, or clients.

Whether work or play, inputing my schedule here saves me a lot of time and missed appointments.

Camera's also 2MP, which gives relatively good resolution, so I could use this in place of a bulky camera when I take pictures during events. It could also be my plan B camera if my camera conks out.
It also stores music aside from features, so I could use this as my music player in case I get bored when I walk along the mall.

Okay, so what's the most over-used function this one has? It would have to be the WiFi function. Hahaha. Remember earlier I said that WiFi is a plus but not necessary? Turns out I need that a lot. Checking Facebook and Gmail has never been more convenient.
And I could keep my Karma up with live Plurk updates with WiFi being available almost anywhere I go. Competitive I know. Same with Foursquare too.

Watching YouTube before lulling myself to sleep while in bed. So as not to disturb others, I have my headset so the sound is isolated only to me (works too when I'm watching video tutorials while in a resto).
A recent discovery I've had with it is the Quickoffice program, which I highlighted above. Just like MS Office, I could create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Whereas the latter two have yet to be explored, the document part enables me to take down notes I might find useful. Then if I do blog about it, all I have to do is synch my phone to my PC and the document I typed in is as good as a Word document. Then cut-and-paste and edit as usual. Back then, I used to fumble for something to scribble on to only to lose the paper or if I have it, I have yet to decipher my handwriting. It's practically a mini-laptop. Except that it could fit into the pocket of my man-slacks.
Of course, much of these features have yet to be discovered (still again, I have the boys to bug about that, which I do all the time I pester them). I'm glad it answers to all my needs without me having to refer to the manual again and again. In fact, I haven't even read the manual yet.
And so you may ask what happened to the old phone? It hasn't rested yet. It in fact holds another SIM card. Hahaha. This phone in fact came with another SIM card. I was at first decided not to use it but while transfering contacts, I used the new SIM on my old phone. When I saw how the signal didn't fail during the recent typhoon, I decided to keep that number too for emergency purpose, should I need to make a call during calamities when all signals are down.
I'm trying to figure out if Nokia E63 has a Plants Vs Zombies application. If it does, you know where I'll be glued at if there's no WiFi when I'm bored and out of the house.

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