Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Nose Exercise and Special Surprise from Downy

I don't know if it's just me but I'm the type of girl who likes to get high on fabric softener. If you're rolling your eyes or raising eyebrows at the thought of me getting high over a grocery item, probably you could relate when you get your laundry and sink your face on the clean sheets and sniffing the scent. I'm one of those individuals too. When I lived in California a few years back, my favorite chore was doing the laundry. Everytime it's laundry day, I get all excited. I didn't mind the slight handwashing before I dunk everything in the washer. My favorite part was getting them babies out of the dryer and folding the towels and linen and I'd sniff through those sheets.

Whenever I'm in the grocery, I'd sniff through the bottles of fabric conditioner. I admit the household has had its favorite scents and brands. Among them though, Downy has been a household staple already since they were washing my baby clothes up to my short shorts now (:P) We'd have a stock of these iconic blue bottles with the pink cap and I'd have an occasional boo-boo of staining white towels with the blue liquid. Downy has evolved from the original scent to other variants. Imported ones have an aromatherapy line and we even have our local varieties.

Okay, so you guys might find it funny for me to be talking about laundry stuff when this is a makeup blog. Actually, here's a little thing: I wash my makeup bags, towels, and (fabric) brush rolls myself. My work stuff is actually a separate load from the house linens so as not to involve a mixup.

And speaking of laundry, I was doing the laundry this afternoon when this pretty little basket came for me:
I guess it's with Downy's promotion of the Perfume series with two new scents: Passion and Attraction, which smells almost as if you're wearing luxury perfume when it's actually just fabric softener.

Anyway, the pretty basket is actually a challenge for us bloggers. The first challenge asked us to take a sniff between the two towels provided in the pack. One of them has been sprinkled with perfume and the other one was washed with new Passion from Downy. As soon as I pried the basket off the protective plastic wrap, I got too excited I almost mismatched the two plastic wraps from the two protective towels. Good thing the scent sorta lingered through the plastic. Whew!Here are the two test subjects - towel #1 and towel #2. Both smelled absolutely fantastic and I was sniffing through them a good deal (getting high 8-}) hahaha. As I'm typing this, towel #1 is right by my nose because I couldn't stop sniffing. Addict...

It was quite hard to test as both smelled really good. After weighing my choices and deciding, I decided to go with these guesses:

Towel #1 as the one being washed with Downy Attraction
Towel #2 was the one sprinkled with perfume.

Anyway, question #2 also checked out knowledge on the perfume notes and how sensitive our noses were. It was given that Passion (i.e. the red variety) has jasmine, ylang-ylang, and soft musk. They made us guess the fourth ingredient between the three choices: a) cinnamon b) rose and c) lavander. I'm guessing rose here. (Crossing fingers hoping on getting them right). It was quite tricky for me though, since I was bordering on rose and lavander but I thought rose. Anyway, I do hope I get it right (*fingers crossed*)

The pretty basket also came with an invitation for me to an event at the unveiling of Passion and Attraction. :) This looks pretty exciting too!

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Teeyah. said...

Ay so guilty of sniffing through linens because of fabric conditioner! And I even bought Clean perfume in Fresh Laundry! :)