Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ready.. Set... Start with my very own 14-Day Challenge

For weeks, we've been intrigued by these "mystery shampoo bottles" that we've seen flashing on TV, print, and in several websites. When I saw it on the newspaper one morning, I was intrigued as to what could this new shampoo line would be.

It promises amazing hair transformation in fourteen days and even challenged women to use the shampoo for 14 days and see the results. Hmmmm.....this indeed was intriguing.

Just a few hours ago, I was sitting at a dinner at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel where the brand was finally revealed. Braving traffic, Arpee, Noreen, and I dashed to the venue apologizing for the tardiness due to the rainpour and rush hour causing Metro Manila to be converted to an instant parking lot. We arrived just in time for the program and the mystery brand was revealed to be this one....

Pantene, nonetheless. Aside from launching this new line, the event hosted by Issa Litton also introduced the celebrities who have tried the mystery shampoo given their hair concerns plus their very positive testimonials on the product. Among these celebrities are actresses Carla Abellana, Angel Aquino, Claudine Barretto, and Erich Gonzales to name some. Tapings, shoots, and TV appearances have exposed their hair to harsh lights, chemicals, and frequent heat styling so their frequently processed hair needs special attention at the same time keeping it in top condition.

Being a Pantene user for quite some time now, I could say that it's one of the shampoos I've stuck to once I've been hooked. It's been kind to my hair pampering it after its default state of high entrophy of that messy bun or scraggly ponytail held in place to by an elastic. Aside from manual damage, there's also UV rays, heat damage, and of course, free radicals in the air due to my active lifestyle. A little tweaking in its formula got my interest of course.

The variant above shows the Hair Fall Control line, which takes my attention the most. Not that I have a history of baldness or anything. Really, it's pretty normal for a few hair sheds each day. Sometimes though when I look at the bathroom floor and see the hair strands, it sometimes gets me quite concerned. Actually, I found out that it's not that I'm balding. The hair "fall" referred to is actually due to breaking (this I found out when I checked the end of my hair. It didn't have a bulb). Causes of breaking could be roughness and cuticle damage due to again, my hair being abused. In fact, being quite rough on my hair by pulling out my hair elastic after it's been tortured to a tight bun, brushing hair when wet, and substituting a rubber band instead of a hair elastic to tie my hair are perfect weapons of massive hair breakage. If I should start a habit, I should also be more gentle with my hair. By the way, before I forget, there's also the Total Care line and Glossy Shine.

While on the topic, here's something to get me started to getting the habit of taking better care of my hair. Parked these babies up the bathroom counter.

I just started Day 1 of my own fourteen-day challenge when I got home. Obviously, it's too early to give immediate results. For now, I'm currently raving on the scent, which is one of the things I really love about Pantene. It's not too warm or floral but more of fresh. It's easy to rinse though and right now as my hair dries, it doesn't leave my hair looking frizzy or something that remembers sheep wool. My hair's quite long actually, it lands up to almost my waist so I've got a lot to shampoo. However, a nickel-size amount is just right for my hair and it lathers up quite well and rinses quite easily too, if done properly.

Oh, and did I mention that it's not only me who'll be up to the 14-day challenge?
My brushes would be Pantene users too and would be undertaking the 14-day challenge along with yours truly. Of course, they deserve a bit of TLC as well.

I'll let you in when my 14-day challenge is over. Till then, it's off to bed for us all!


romsie said...

Sosyal brushes Bambs! Haha, looove it! =)

See you soon - must do Runaway Princesses shoot!! Need creativity, craziness and beauty in my life!

Bambi said...

hahaha of course makikisama mga brushes ko. :)

sure nga i wanna do that :)