Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love for Sand, Sea, Sun, and Makeup!

June and July would mean that the sun won't scorch our skin that much but to reminisce the golden glow the summer sun gives us (or to enhance it if there's still summer sun), MAC's To The Beach collection celebrates summer as it approaches other countries and leaves our shores.

Even the packaging is reminiscent of the beach with warm colors like peach and coral and splashes of yellow and green with drawings that remind us of the ocean.Lipsticks with a seashell design.

Starfish emblem on the powder blush

This must be the time for bronzers because this collection has them all in three formulations - powder, cream, and liquid (in the form of lustre drops). The powder would be to enhance our beach (or pool) tans when we're back in the city. The powder bronzers are also advised for girls with oily skin to warm up their complexions. Cream and liquid bronzers could be used on the beach or pool or for cooler climates where makeup wouldn't melt that much.

This baby has got to be my favorite. As we warm and darken our complexions, we need a bit of highlight to make it glow. And lookie lookie at To The Beach's highlight powder, named Marine Life:

The seahorse emblem is just too cute. I love that it's in a warm coral and pink scheme too. This would be great as a faint glowy blush. Plus, the sea green compact would make it easy for me to spot it inside my makeup kit.

(product pictures grabbed from promotional picture grabbed from purity.webblog)


tessa said...

i love the lipstick shade in the photo! i wonder if that would look good on me???

Bambi said...

of course it will tessa. you looked great with nude lips and smoky eyes