Monday, May 31, 2010

Decoding Sunsilk's Co-Creation Variants

I guess everyone, if not, at least most of us has a bit of hair concern one way or the other. Whether short, long, thick, thin, chemically processed, dried to a crisp, heavy and oily, or very sensitive, we all have our own concerns. Just when we think that beautiful and healthy hair could only be achieved by the thousands of pesos plunked in high-end salons or that the hair seen in that advertorial could only be achieved by lighting and tweaking of photo-editing, a popular shampoo brand seems to have heard our pleas and created different shampoos to address our specific needs.

The different Sunsilk bottles on the picture sure does remind me of a rainbow, doesn't it? Actually, the colors pertain to different formulations that address to different hair needs. What Sunsilk did though this time was to collaborate with international hair experts who know hair more than we do. Hence, the Best Ever Sunsilk Range was born.

Smooth and Manageable (Pink), co-created with Yuko Yamashita: This formula is enriched with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex to cleanse (i.e. remove the dirt) and coat hair strands to avoid fluffy hair (unless that's the peg of course, if you're doing a shoot). Fluffy hair seems to be the problem of most of us naturally-wavy girls. It also works as a fantastic brush cleanser. My brushes are softer after.

Strong and Long (Green), co-created with Teddy Charles: We all know how runway model's hair is forever blow-dried, processed, fried, teased, crimped, and bathed in hairspray. As a result, hair can dry up, split, and break (the falling strands at the backstage floor would be enough proof that hair can break with endless abuse). This one has Active Fruitamin Complex, penetrating the hair and fortifying hair fibers to strengthen and smoothen hair, so hair could grow longer and stronger.

Damage Repair (Orange), co created with Bobsoho Salon: With the talk on damaged hair, Sunsilk teamed up with Bobsoho Salon of London founded by Thomas Taw. This one has Olive Serum Nutri-Complex to give SOS to damaged hair. Instead of just coating the surface, it reconstructs the hair beneath the surface, filling damaged cracks and gaps layer by layer, so the effect is more long-term.

Straight and Sway (Purple), co-created with Teddy Charles: I know two out of five people who are addicted to chemical straightening treatments in order to achieve the low-maintenance straight hair we all see. The problem though with chemically straightened hair, though is the infamous witchbroom look which makes hair look stiff and wire-like. This purple bottle contains Amino Collagen Complex (collagen, as we know, is important in elasticity), which gently relaxes hair bonds so chemically-straightened hair has now soft movement instead of stick-like and stiff.

Soft and Smooth (Yellow), co-created with Bobsoho Salon: Dry and rough hair's rescue would be the Ceramide Macadamia Complex, which acts as a softening agent.

Anti-Dandruff (Blue), co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco: Dandruff is actually due to a fungal infection, so aside from treating the infection, we should also treat the scalp and hair from the effects of dandruff as well as giving nourishment back. Enriched ZPT Citrus Complex cleanses, refreshes, and purifies the scalp. At the same time, it also protects the hair from dryness (as hair could get dry). This shampoo not only adresses skin care but also hair care.

Hairfall Solution (Gold), co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco: Has Soya Vitamin Complex for visibly less hair fall, for those with problems with hair that's weak, brittle, and easily broken.

Priced at Php89.00 for a 200mL bottle, they're quite affordable and the bottle lasts long, depending on how much the user uses. For me, a bottle like this usually lasts me a month and a half. If there's more, I just dilute it a bit with water to clean my makeup brushes. They're already available in leading groceries, department stores, and drug stores so feel free to check them out.

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