Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Eyliplex-2 Eye Cream

When I was told about this new product that promises younger-looking eyes instantly (yes, you heard that right, INSTANTLY!), I was immediately intrigued by it and wanted to see so for myself. I'm already conscious of taking care of my eye area skin since it's so sensitive and it's also one part of my face that's constantly being abused (think layers of concealer, eyeshadow primer, liquid liner, you know... the eye makeup works). Isn't it ironic that the most delicate area of our face is the part where we work on the most in terms of makeup?
Eyliplex-2 promises a breakthrough 24-hour system to immediately care for our undereyes and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I was given a trial pack to try out the product first and see for myself how it is and now I'm sharing it to you.
So here's how it looks like. It's actually a dual solution, and the container is similar to those tiny jars that hold contact lenses, only bigger. Instead of the contact lenses, the jars hold solutions for the eye area. To make it easier, it's color-coded.
The white jar on the left holds the Fast-Acting Day Gel, which we use during the day. This gel contains Suberlift, which visibly lifts and tightens eye area skin, minimizing droops and sags. The Rho-Cite complex contain antioxidants and minerals that promote radiance and a more youthful appearance. This one does like a tad of "damage control" that we need during the day, since we're facing people and we want to look our best.
The blue jar, on the other hand, holds the Long-Lasting Night Balm. This one is what we use during the, err, night. It has Haloxyl PFE, which significantly reduces dark circles and helps restore firmness. Mala-Plump comples boosts natural collagen production (which is needed for the skin's elasticity) to help reduce the appearance of eye area wrinkles.
To use these products, I used the Fast-Acting Day Gel during the day before I put on my makeup. I made sure to tap and not rub in the product with my ring finger on my delicate eye area. Then, I have to let it absorb (the directions said to allow 3 minutes for optimal tightening effect) before I put on my makeup. On my hand, the gel is transparent, so the color doesn't appear or interfere with the rest of my makeup. The Long-Lasting Night Balm is what I use for night, before I go to bed. This has an opaque formula, which is somewhat richer than the Fast-Acting Day Gel. However, even with a richer formula, it's not as greasy as like, say, slathering petroleum jelly on the undereye area.
What I Like About It:
  • It didn't sting my eyes.
  • No heavy smell.
  • No greasy afterfeel.
  • The effects. I noticed that the little line has diminished and I like the instant result. Although it's not like an instant facelift, I saw that my eyes looked a bit more youthful and awake.
  • User-friendly. Just tap, wait, and go. Your fingers would do.
What I Didn't Like About It:
  • The price. This product costs Php2,600. It costs more than twice of the current eye cream that I'm using, but at least I know it works. I used this for a week and I see that my eye area is getting smoother.
  • Too much of the Fast-Acting Day gel could cause the concealer to be crepey. I had the mistake of applying a tad too much of the gel on my eye. It kinda looked fine but as I was patting the concealer in, I saw that the concealer sort of "marked" the area where the eye gel was and the eye gel sort of "peeled" like glue. The solution? Use just a little amount.
Overall, I'd use this product and purchase it if I had extra cash on hand. It really lives up to its promise. The only solution though that I'll use a little amount, especially on the day gel, since it has the tendency to sit on the eye area and "peel". This product is available at all Watsons branches only, so for those who want to buy, you know where to go.

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