Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pretty Pink Utility Belt

Working in different locations, sometimes my workspace given couldn't fit most of my stuff. I used to roll out my brush holder so I know which one to use. However, this could occupy a lot of space so sometimes, my already high-entrophy of a workstation could result in a mini-clone of world apocalypse with the tumble-rumble equipment. My solution? to keep the brushes out of the way. A cup holder was my alternative during the theater runs, yet it proved quite hard for my cutesy shorter brushes. Anyway, my alternative would be a brush belt, which I could take anywhere and be stuck to me 24/7. I do have a regular brush belt, which was sort of a washable fabric material that worked. When I saw this pretty thing though at the Suesh site, I couldn't resist. It was candy pink, leather, and hard-to-resist.

Suesh has been around since day 0 when I knew more about makeup. It's gotten rave reviews not just for the price but also the quality of their products. I like how their brushes are affordable and compare well to the expensive brands too. More than the usual brush sets, Suesh has expanded to individual brushes, makeup equipment, bags, and now toolbelts, like now. I present to you the pink toolbelt:The pink leatherette material is aboslute love. It's pretty easy to clean (cleanse-off oil would to the trick to remove makeup residue) though. The size is smaller than the ones I see other makeup artists have, but the compartments are really deceiving really, as I took it to a test drive
It holds quite a number of brushes when I used it for my BNP shoot as well, which were enough for me to do makeup without me fumbling for more brushes. It holds my SE brushes as well, plus a little more space for my lash adhesive and (matching spatula). Of course the pink makes it stand out among all the blacks at work. Plus it's compact enough, just don't overload it.

I think you'll be seeing a lot of this in my behind-the-scenes too.


AnnaNolan said...

oh my! I've been looking for one of these for ages! In pink too! Can I ask where you got this? Kind regards :) Anna

Bambi said...

hi! I got it in Suesh. You could visit their showroom in Greenhills or order online at their website.