Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Luvin' These Summer Essentials

I'm glad for these babies that keeps me cool and saves my skin during the summer heat. It's the middle of summer, the start of May. Although the rain pours occasionally (which we're thankful of since we're suffering from drought), the heat is still at its extreme.

  • Sunglasses - protect my eyes from the sun's glare and make me avoid squinting, which could cause wrinkles later on. The bigger, the better.

  • An ultra-hydrating body wash such as Olay Total Effects. I love the cool cucumber-y scent of this green variety plus it leaves my skin quenched, moisturized, and grease-free. I don't even need to apply moisturizer after during the day.

  • Sunblock - I love tanning and the sunkissed glow the sun gives me but I don't like the sun damage like wrinkles, age spots, and (eek!) skin cancer. Sunblock is naturally greasy making me veer away from it but not Neutrogena, which smells fresh instead of chemical-like. I could wear this on the beach and in the city. For the face, I use moisturizer and foundation with SPF

  • Makeup - I'm keeping makeup light. My full face of makeup would definitely melt with this heat. I save the full face for counter work or during photoshoots where I model. During ordinary days though, I prefer going fresh. Concealer, powder foundation (MAC Studiofix, nonetheless, which holds all day), waterproof mascara, and bright-colored statement lipsticks are my best bets. Eyebrows are going lighter for me, so I use lighter brow powder and mascara.

  • Self-tanning lotion - I saw this self-tanning lotion at this store in Glorietta, which gives a gradual (instead of instant orange) tan in 3-4 days. When there's no time to tan, this is my best bet for a summery glow.

  • Chunky dangly earrings - too lazy to accessorize, too hot to put on a lot of stuff. This one saves me one step.

  • A hair tie - in classic black, since humidity tends to puff my hair up. I've been wearing my hair long for years now, and I'm currently growing it until my waist. I like long hair since it gives me the option to tie it up in a bun or ponytail easily when it's hot. Relatively low-maintenance.

  • Skin-caring deodorant - I love Dove's cucumber-scented deodorant with a fresh summery scent. Plus it stays put on me all day and its moisturizers care for my underarm skin.

  • Ultra-hydrating conditioner - The summer sun and heat tends to fry up my hair so although I switch to a clarifying shampoo now, I need extra moisture for my hair. Pantene's Limited Edition Japan Treatments Line give me the moisture I need and damage repair for my dry hair. With 2x more conditioning, this is what I need for hair that's been fried, burned, teased, curled, and ironed.

  • Staple summery bikini - Yes, summer isn't complete without a dip in the pool or basking at the shoreline. I love the refreshing statement of metallics. Silver would look absolutely fantastic reflecting light. Imagine walking on the beach wearing this with the summer sunset. Niiiice.
So what are your summer musts? :)

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