Friday, May 14, 2010

Event Update: Promod's Je Ne Sais Quoi

Thursday afternoon. Our Marguerite stands quietly as she awaits her fate. This was the time when Argie and my creation gets judged according to her style as she faces off with six other muses for Promod's Je Ne Sais Quoi styling event.

The SM Mega Atrium was stunning that day, simulating the streets of Paris brimming with art.And here's Marguerite with her scarf and the statement necklace (an amalgamation of Argie's love for details, texture, and inspired creativity). Beside her is a huge LCD screen with my blog post, which describes her story and the post that also shows her different costume changes in whatever situation. At least now, the mannequin has a head so we could showcase the scarf properly.

I'll just let pictures do the talking. :)

Shen and Tara with their muse. It was ages since I last saw Shen and I'm glad to see her in this event.

Lace Llanora and Joanna Lei pose with their work.

Me and Marguerite. Flats make me feel short today. Heeheehee. Now it's time to announce the winners. Two teams were declared winners each team receiving Php12,000 worth of gift certificates from Promod.

And here they were. Shen and Tara were called first. The next winning team was Geolette Esguerra and Bianca Consunji. Bianca wasn't present for the event but Geolette was there to represent the team. :)

Here's my partner-in-crime Argie, who came straight from work to the event. Here he is with Marguerite.

I ambushed Tessa and asked her to have a picture with their work. :) She teamed up with her cousin Jill Sabitsana for this project.

More pictures!!!!

Alex, Lauren and her boyfriend, and Nikki.

Obligatory pose at the photo wall.

Argie and I with Char The Star (a nickname coined from one of her fun shoots)

Argie and I with supermodel Isabel Roces, who was one of the judges of the event.

I'm really happy for the winners, and although we didn't win, the experience event on its own made all of us winners. It was a lot of fun creating looks, bonding with my friends, meeting new people, and most of all, just having fun. After the event, it was shopping time at the store.

Argie and I had a hard time deciding what to buy from all the pretty outfits. He finally chose a statement jacket and necklaces to use for styling. As for me, I still went for my classic streamlined lines and the color I gravitate to - black (at this point, I sense Argie throwing rows of colorful fabrics towards my direction). I managed to score a pair of tailored linen black pants and a straight-cut dress that's so Twiggy-inspired (on sale. :P )

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