Monday, March 15, 2010

My Deluxe Massage Experience at The Spa Greenbelt

After a grueling photoshoot that was both fun and tiring (9 models for that day in a span of 6 hours, retouch and change looks included), I decided to use Mike's gift, which has been hanging long enough in my place. Ergo, after the shoot, EJ dropped me off this place for an hour or so of relaxation.

The interiors of The Spa in Greenbelt is way different from the busy streets of Paseo de Roxas. The moment I entered and climbed the steps, it didn't feel that I was in a mall located right smack at the center of the Makati Central Business District.
I was lead to the women's area (yes, they separate the boys from the girls) where I was given my locker room key to put all of my stuff. I changed to my fluffy robe and slippers and went to the shower. The shower had hot and cold options too and the shampoo/conditioner/body soap in one came in a handy dispenser. The shampoo/conditioner/body soap didn't dry out my skin and hair and I love how it didn't dry me like an old prune. Due to spa rules, pictures are prohibited in the spa area, hence the lack of photos.

After the shower, I proceded to the steam bath. Since the steam bath subjects you to high, humid temperature, it's best to be hydrated first. I drank water before I entered, stayed there for a good 5 minutes or so, and then drank water again. The steam bath helps eliminate toxins, opens the pores, and destresses you too. Do take note though, that there are certain health conditions that could prevent you from going to steam baths, so double check with your doctor if you could. Also If it's your first time to go to the spa, the attendants guide you to where you're supposed to go, what to do, and what to (or not to) wear. After that, I showered again, dried up, and relaxed while waiting for my turn for a massage. While waiting, I could enjoy a cup or two of ginger tea. The ginger tea was very mild. Tip: Wait for the tea to cool a bit before drinking.

I chose the combination massage, which combines both swedish and shiatsu. The attendants were very couteous in asking permission if they could massage certain areas and only speak to you if you need to turn to the side, front, or ask if the pressure is okay. Aside from this, you can opt for just swedish massage or shiatsu massage or deep tissue massage, for those who want it really hard. I like how the therapist quickly adjusts to the needs of the customer, like if a customer would prefer not to use oil on her face (like I did), if the stretch is too difficult, and so on. The oil is unscented mineral oil that feels lighter than regular conventional oils. If you want less of the oily effect, have the massage during the late afternoon. When you get out of the spa, it's probably night time anyway.

After my massage, I changed to my street clothes. I can say that I was pleased with the service and atmosphere of the place. Also, the spa asks you beforehand if you have any certain health conditions that you should declare, so they could take the necessary precautions.
I definitely will go back here, but since the price is quite hefty, maybe during special occasions like my birthday or a really good project done.
(The Spa also has branches at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Jupiter, and Acropolis)

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