Sunday, August 2, 2009

Landing on the cover. Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!!!!

Remember the El Paso Doble Series? Well guess what? While I was at dinner one time, Apy texted me that she was asked if that shoot could be part of the next issue of an up and coming magazine as an editorial spread. Well what did you know? Our fun shoot turned out to be an editorial spread in absolute serendipity love. But here's another bonus, I didn't know that it would be the COVER as well!

And so just yesterday, despite my splitting headache that broke my skull in pieces, I popped in an extra-strong and super fast painkiller to be able to rummage Glorietta for a copy. I found one and bought it (interestingly, I found it at a little newsstand)

wheee! cover page!

wheee! credits!

the spreads also were there, showcasing our work plus an interview with Apy as well.

Another surprise was while I was flipping through the magazine, Filbert and Glenn were also featured in the magazine and it showed one of our shots done with Leonardo Corredor.

wheee editorial spread!

whee, credits!

Grab a copy of Statement magazine now at your local newsstands. :) Now aren't these enough to make me smile?

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