Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey friends! I've got an important announcement to make. After a year of blogging, I've decided to change my blog URL name from to As I've disappeared from the blogosphere and re-appeared, I had a difficult time finding my fan base again and starting from square 1. So I'm making an advanced notice as to not lose my readers again.

I'm glad the name's not taken (All you Blogspot admins, I'm reserving that name now), and I chose it since it fits me well and I've been using that name for my email, multiply, and re-constructing dotcom site. The change is due to the fact that I want continuity in my online accounts, and since this blog has also become an extension of my portfolio as well, I might as well choose that name too and make that name the name of my blogspot account.

The change will be effective by September 1, 2009 so I'm giving you ladies advanced notice so I don't shock you again as you ladies type the old URL and suddenly I'm gone. I'm not gone, my dears. Change of name, for continuity's sake only. I have already made that announcement in Plurk for my blogger friends and Plurk fans and I'll be posting the change in my Facebook page (for my friends at Facebook) and the Makeupbybambi Facebook fan page. In that way, you'll never lose me again.

You'll be receiving emails, especially those who have emailed me in the past. I'll be continuing to blog more, and I've taken different approaches to my blogging to include V-Logs in the roster of blog posts. I'll be making my Youtube channel more active as well with tutorials, interviews, product features, and V-Logs. I'm currently studying how to make the most of the video editing software installed in this PC (Christmas Wishlist: Macbook with iMovie, or a kickass but user-friendly Video Editing software, a big memory stick for my Powershot, and a FlipVideo would not hurt too).

Again, change would be effective by September 1, 2009. Brushtoblog will be changing to Makeupbybambi. By September 1, 2009, please update all your links and all.

Thanks guys! And here's to more posts and all. :). Hope everyone gets to read this so I still see you once I re-baptize my blog. :)

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