Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Behind-the-Scenes: Men of Leq

Yesterday, I did makeup for Rachel's project, Men of Leq, featuring some of her favorite male models and closest friends.

The shoot was held at Cielo Salon (thanks to Cielo Petines for lending her salon as location). Rain was heavy and traffic plugged up at EDSA and Buendia (as usual, Monday morning post-payday weekend). I arrived panicking thinking they'd all be there waiting for me but i was the third to arrive, the two models arriving before me. I introduced myself ("Hello, I'm Bambi, you know, like the deer in the cartoon. I'll be doing your makeup after I set up the makeup station and catch my breath in 2 minutes. In the meantime, relax and take deep breaths for the skin to relax and be prepared for skin prep and makeup.") and went back to business.

Rachel arrived a few minutes after me, then Dennis, then Apy. As you've seen Rachel modelling, another surprise is that she's also a photographer. She holds a Fine Arts degree and not only has she been taking pictures she's also been painting as well, and she's been really good at both.

Of course, behind-the-scenes pictures are a must.
Dennis taking a break from QA-ing the look I'm doing on Mauricio

Ay... kilig! With our Swedish model, Victor. (note my cute Hello Kitty baby wipes packet)
The fabulosa Dennis Celestial accessories.

Victor with the two photographers, Rachel and Apy.
Watch out for more Men of LEQ pictures and more results from Rachel Lobangco's Men of LEQ series.

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