Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Classic Glamour Look

After my shoot yesterday, I visited the store and I went home. While on the ride home, I was formulating another tutorial. I do have my lists pending and I'm working on them trying to make them as simple as possible so it's user-friendly. One of my favorite and quick evening (and sometimes daytime) looks is the clean eye and dramatic lip, which transcends time. It's also one look that takes less time to do. :)

Since I did this video at night, I had to make use of available light, which wasn't much so I got my old reading lamp, which was white light and made it into a vanity light so I could see better and test with different angles. I started editing this at around 9 PM and I fell asleep while editing so I had to continue editing this early this morning. And here's the thing, Windows Movie Maker lost the files I imported so I had to re-import the video files from the memory card and re-do the entire video. Argh!

Anyway, here are additional tips for this look:

1. I used mineral powder foundation misted with some MAC Fix+. I got this idea from Lyn at MAC, and said it's better for those with oily skin since the makeup doesn't clump much. Not to mention Fix+ is really affordable at Php850. I'm still not done using my bottle. This product is best applied using a flat foundation brush like the MAC 190 but the stippling brush could work too.
2. The cat's eye shape could make wide-set eyes look farther apart so what I did was add a bit of medium brown shadow at the inner corner of the eye and blended this well outwards with the contour.
3. Gel eyeliner works best with this look. Pen liquid liner like MAC Penultimate could work too. another trick I could share is use pencil liner first and then once the shape is okay and symmetrical, color in with liquid or gel liner.
4. The look is good with defined brows. Make sure brows are groomed, defined, and if you must, brushed with eyebrow gel to keep stray hairs in place.
5. For foolproof red lips: Line lips with red lipliner and fill in. Apply one coat of red lipstick and blot. Apply second coat with red lipstick and blot. Use lipliner to define the shape and make lips symmetrical and even. For dark and bright lipstick colors, lipbrush works best here. To clean up lips, use a cotton bud to wipe stray strokes from outwards to inwards. :)

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