Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oriental Beauty

This shoot depicts and celebrated the beauty of an Asian woman. I was invited to do makeup for a shoot done by Italian photographer Massimiliano Cori. He wanted the Asian woman to still look like an Asian woman - enhancing her natural beauty, her skin still the same, and her eyes keeping their natural shape. His requirement: there should be no separation of the skin and makeup. Powder should not look like powder but like part of the skin. I believe in that same concept. In beauty shots, I keep foundation light and do my tricks to make the skin look dewy instead of buried in pounds of makeup.
Here's the first model, Ann. Ann has lovely, morena skin so I chose a light foundation to match her skin tone and dusted her face with loose powder to set. I used golds and browns for her eyes plus matching sheer lipstick with a lick of gold gloss for her lips.
Jonil has very oriental features, she reminds me of Lucy Liu in this picture. She has been modelling for so long already, so the camera just adores her. Red lips were the focus of her face.
That's me, as the third model. Here, I used lilacs and pinks for my makeup and defined my brows (swear, I really need brows). Notice how I didn't enlarge my eyes and kept them as they are. and just enhanced them with little eyeliner. No falsies were used. For my hair, when I asked how my hair was supposed to be styled, they told me to leave it as it is.
I love how clean the pictures look. There was little photoshop done, just a few color adjustments, hence the texture. It actually looks like a skin campaign.
Photo Credits:
Models: Ann Casas, Jonil Benitez, and Bambi de la Cruz
Photographer: Massimiliano Cori
Makeup: Bambi dela Cruz.
Special thanks to Mr. Lon Liwen for this opportunity.

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