Friday, August 21, 2009

One Makeup-Filled Fun Morning

The mall has just begun to open when I got it earlier. I was meeting Yeoh since he had a shoot today, so I told him to meet me at my favorite place: the makeup counter. I also needed to buy a new sharpener so I passed by... where else but MAC, where the store just opened and I was greeted by Jarwin. After my purchase, and since I had some time to kill, Jarwin played around first with the makeup and made me the very willing experiment. :) He gave me a really pretty look that's simple and fresh with a lot of oomph, impact, and definition.
Contours, contours. Hey Yeoh! makeup first! :) I have to look pretty too, you know! At this time, Yeoh has arrived. But of course, I had to have my makeup finished because the results are gonna be super worth it.
First of all, Jarwin evened out my skin with foundation and concealer. I'm really guilty about having that occasional zit that appears at a really bad time but he concealed it really well (gotta love MAC Studiofinish concealer, my supah favorite concealer!). He set my makeup with Select sheer pressed powder and contoured my face to bring out the shape. Instant cheekbones. I saw that he used MSF to set the concealer and highlight my undereye area. Aside from the dewy effect it has, Jarwin said that it also moisturizes the undereye area. Matte peach on my cheeks and matching matte lipstick on my lips were placed with no gloss. :)
He used a browny-pink on me this time, another new thing for me since I'm not a brownie girl. But it worked!

For the eyes, Jarwin did a quick but smoky eye that was easy to do. He primed my lids with MAC Prep+Prime Eye and then sweeped MAC Vanilla from lashline to browbone to brighten up my lid. He contoured my crease with a darker shadow and blended it for a smoky effect that still looked natural. He lined my upper eyelid with the classic Blacktrack fluidline in a cat's eye shape and closed this by continuing this to the lower lid without making it look to "drawn in". I loved how the cat eyes looked so sexy and bedroomy. After he curled my lashes and applied mascara (without pinching my lids!), he framed my face with his signature brows that were arched, shaped, and full yet youthful. It was too bad that I had to go since the shoot was at 12 noon since I wanted to stay and ask more about the look and do a better interview, but maybe one time I will. :)
Me and the fabulous Jarwin of MAC Glorietta. Of course I love the makeup. Check my eyes. so Jolie-esque. :) A friend once called me an Asian Angelina Jolie due to my appetite. Maybe this look too?

I really love the look he did on me as it was wearable. I got a lot of compliments about how I look from my friends who saw me and they told me I should always have that look. Jarwin has done my makeup thrice (including this one) and I love the look each time. Another thing he does is that he gives me surprises with my looks. The last time, my lips were brick orange (MAC in Marakesh), and this was my first time to try a dark orange shade of lipstick. One client loved the look so much she bought the entire look. I even asked my friend if he could shoot me to document my look too. :-) As of now, I'd have to settle with this shot first. :)

Makeup by Jarwin Manosa of MAC Cosmetics. Simple, fresh, but glamorous as ever.
Thanks to MAC Makati for accomodating me on such an early morning and to Jarwin of course, for choosing me as his guinea pig. :) I'd love to buy this look. It's easy, foolproof, and super fab. :) I'm loving the eye makeup I didn't want to remove it. Wait till you see the studio shots!

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