Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Saturday at Mantra

Saturday was so much fun since Mike and I did this shoot for model portraits. :) The shoot was fast, quick, and fun, with very clean makeup looks and impeccable lighting. Here are some of the shots:
Smile and I have been friends for a long time via Multiply but it wasn't until this shoot that we actually worked together. If you think she's familiar, she's walked the catwalk for two Philippine Fashion Week seasons in a row. Supermodel. :)

These four boys were fun to work with as well as fierce when the camera starts to click and click.

Clowns after the shoot. It was tiring and hot but sure was fun. :) Good company too

My hand has healed though and it was pretty functional that day. I don't need to bandage it and it was a lot easier to do hair now that it doesn't sting much. :) Work made me have a 10-pound weight loss in a week but I'm glad it wasn't the type of deadly weight loss. I noticed the tone in my arms getting back. Looks like makeup artistry is also a good workout with a wholelot of endorphin rush because it's a lot of fun too.

Portraits by Mike Yu of Mantra Photography.

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