Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

When Kiehl's first opened here in Manila, I've been a regular visitor of the store for one thing since I love the simple, straightforward packaging with no frills but with a vintage-y like charm and they're also a brand that does not promote animal testing or use much chemicals. Horray!

At the L'Oreal Luxe Beauty Event, I was lucky enough to be one of the 9 people to take home a Kiehl's Iconic product and this was my choice. Not only did it say alcohol-free (a bit of concern to some girls with sensitive skin, and I do have my raw skin days too making me do away with makeup) but it also is good for normal to oily skin types.
Retail Price: Php1,375
Yes, those little fibers still come with the bottle and when I saw my bottle, I happen to see them as well. Heeeheeheee. It kinda looks like tea and when I smelled it, guess what? It smelled like iced tea too.

So after washing my face, I decided to give this a try and give my regular toner break for a minute. The directions states to moisten a cotton pad and apply to skin in areas where needed, avoiding the eye area. By this time, I have passed the traditional Kiehl' Patch-Test, and I have had no adverse reactions on my inner wrist when I tried it. Horray.

Anyhoo, so going back to the product, when I applied it, it felt like water on my skin, except that it smelled like iced tea. I was expecting a cooling or tingling sensation but I felt none. No burning sensation either. It may be a good thing though, if your skin is raw and sensitive. I found the scent quite energizing too, just like drinking iced tea.

Overall, I think this product is okay, especially when my skin's feeling sensitive. I did notice that my skin felt a tad better than what it was pre-oil and all, maybe I could use this after my exfoliation, when I should stay free from alcohol or other chemical ingredients.

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