Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me Love Model Mayhem

Does anyone here have a Model Mayhem account or get MM invites?

Model Mayhem is like Facebook and Jobstreet combined for artists. You could join for free although they have a VIP status, which you could get for a fee, which lets you put more photos in a profile. However, before you become a member, you have to submit basic information like what you are, what you do, and 4 of your works for approval (if you're a model, your shots) so better get out the good ones with international standards. Once you become a member with the basic benefits, you can add up to 20 photos, and just update.

Once you get approved, you can search for your friends in the industry, be searched, and look for people you could collaborate with. It's pretty easy to discover on your own, the basic features, and the welcome note will show you more.

The thing that catches my fancy is the Casting feature (toolbar shown below), where an artist could look for jobs, based on their specialty. So that's where the Jobstreet-like feature comes in.

It's specific to filter the job you want if you're a model/stylist/photographer/MuA, what country and/or city you're based, as well as the compensation (Cash Money, TFP, TFCD, X-deal) available.

For jobs, there's not much in Manila as of now, but there are quite a lot in the US and countries abroad. If you're visiting another country to study or for vacation and would like to network and work on your portfolio (and even get someone to shoot it for you TFCD if you're in a budget) a bit then MM could be your source.

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