Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Hair for Wavy Hair, FOTD, and a super-nice surprise!

My hair is naturally wavy. I don't have poker-straight hair that's seen in commercials or shampoo ads and with humidity that bad, even if I wrestle with my straightening iron, my hair mushrooms up plus I'd have to blow-dry it first then hot-iron it and that takes a whole lotta time.

Just yesterday, I did something to my hair which was taught to me before. It works well for girls with natural waves (like meeeeee!!!!) and layers (like meee tooo!!!!) who want something quick.

Anyway, here are products used:
Hair situation: Damp, towel dried and combed to avoid tangles
Hair products: Curl-boosting gel, mousse, hairspray
Hot tools: NADA. If you have time, like if this is in a shoot or something, you can blow dry your hair:
Brushes: a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product and your hands and major crunch power.
So, here's what I did: After towel-drying hair, I combed it with a wide-toothed comb to smooth out tangles and then brushed it a bit so it's a tad smoother. I mixed curl-boosting hair gel with mouse and worked this through my hair with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product. Then, I scrunched my hair in bunches and scrunched and scrunched. Kinda like taking sections of my hair and squeezing and release. My waves sort of came out here and for hold, I sprayed my hair with hairspray and continued scrunching and scrunching and then hairspray and scrunch and scrunch. Periodically, I'd scrunch my hair too so I get a "wave-boost" This works well for us wavy-haired girls.

So while wet, hair looks like this:

On face:
MAC Concealer in NW30 on undereyes and VOV concealer #3
Revlon Bare-It-All lustrous lotion in Goldi-Looks
Powder: Ellana Minerals in Caffe Latte and Nu Skin Loose Powder
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 for touch-ups
On cheeks:
Contour using Coastal Scents contouring palette
Shu Uemura Bronzing Powder slightly below cheekbones
Cheeks Highlighted with MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in Redhead and so is my nosebridge and chin.
On eyes:
Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil #4 and set with MAC Brow set in Sophisticated
Kryolan eye pencil in dark brown to tightline
Elizabeth Arden bronze eyeshadow on the ball of the lid and Revlon eyeshadow (a netural shade) on the browbone. Blend blend blend
Eyes lined with traditional Kohl eyeliner and set with MAC e/s in Mont Black since this tends to smudge and travel. I used a skincolor powder on the border too.
Mascara: MAC Prep+Prime Lash and The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara (old Favorite
On lips: MAC lipglass in Icescape

So the waves are coming out here. Since the hair's still damp, the top still is quite flat so I still do my periodic scrunching just to boost it and of course, not while there are other people around :). The look is like this beach-y, sexy, and wild head of waves. When dry, here's how it looks like:
I'm here with my good friend Yeoh at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Rockwell with Mike:

and me with Mike:
waves tumble-tumble now. Since Mike had a meeting, Yeoh and I proceded downstairs for the event (details to come out soon) and guess who we saw? She was even nice enough to pose for photo-ops. :)
Omigod it's Heart Evangelista! She's so pretty in person even with very little makeup and her long, black hair tied back. And I love her bubbly, quirky personality. She has such a positive and friendly vibe!

I love, love, love her smile. No wonder people are so drawn to her naturally.

Anyway, this is how my waves look like by the end of the day when it's more relaxed and natural. The look is softer and it frames the face more. :) Since I got lots of compliments with my hair (One of my friends actually thought I wrestled with a deep-waver here.), I thought I might keep this look for a while when I go out. Besides, this gives me more time for makeup and lotsa stuff. :)

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Chrissy said...

I definitely love how you did your hair! I'll take your advice since my hair is naturally wavy. I just hope my hair won't frizz up as usual.