Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look What I Found

I'm kinda guilty of one of those people who google their names and see what's up. Hahaha. anyway, I googled my name again and guess what I found? I saw links to this blog, my multiply site, my dotcom site (in construction), and credits from Model Mayhem, Deviant Art, and various model/photographer portfolios. Whew! Clean slate. Anyways, I found this picture too and I shared it to Erika:

Photo Credits:
Photography: Bugsy Jimenez
Models: Bambi de la Cruz and Erika Maguad
Makeup (Bambi): Apple Mae Casumpang
Makeup (Erika): Egay Dacay
Hair: Egay Dacay
Barong Gowns: Mike Llavarez

I remember this was our ever-first shoot. The only one I knew there was Paelo, who texted me the weekend before if I could join the shoot. This was also the time I modelled after he made tampo to me that I modelled for Stan but not him and after coaxing I finally gave in. That shoot must've been my good luck charm because I've been modelling since then. In this shoot, I couldn't model yet. :P

Anyway, that was the day I met a whole lot of people who later on became my good friends, especially Erika. We hardly had much contact that time, save for this series and to put on her lashes. The first time I saw her was her series of modelling with Ate Nina.

Fast forward to almost a year, she's one of my closest friends, my constant blogging event date, and my Krispy Kreme eating butty-buddy.

Hugsy butty! >:D< Miss u! Let's eat Krispy Kremes again.

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Erika Mags said...

hahaha omg! ^_^ this was fuN!
That's the day i met you butty and my baBOY. how could i forget that?!