Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Pink

Here's my look during last Sunday's shoot. I wanted something quick and fast since I needed to dash to QC, which for me is the other end of the world but still needed to look good.

My scheme last Sunday was a happy color - PINK! Why pink? Coz I haven't worn pink in a long time and it somehow uplifts my spirit. :) I also learned from Ate Nina that pink is a pretty color and with my occupation relying on making other people look good as well as look good myself, what more than to use makeup in a pink scheme?
Hair is my traditional beachy waves which has saved me an ample amount of time in prepping myself before I head out the door to work or to hang out. The makeup I did here was really quick. I didn't want to wear much because it was too hot. What I did there was just even out my skin tone using concealer/liquid foundation in a light/gel formula only where needed and set everything with powder. The one important thing I did was to define the eyebrows. I learned that from Dennis who's as OC with eyebrows and has converted me to someone to be OC with eyebrows. Since the makeup was light, I just filled them in and set it with blond brow gel hence keeping the makeup soft and light. I brushed pink eyeshadow from lashline to browbone for a wash of color and used the same e/s on my cheeks for a shimmery, glowy blush. Frosty pink lipstick in the same color family as the eyeshadow sealed the color part while mascara opened my eyes and further framed the face completing the structure. For once I did away with eyeliner, just for today.
Minimal makeup is usually what I wear during shoots unless I'll be made up myself. just last night, I had a client shoot and since I was lazy to put any makeup on, I just defined my brows with Make Up For Ever Eyebrow corrector and brow gel. Brows really have a lot of impact and I'm mastering them now.

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