Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my goody (bag) day with my pink shoes

Okay, so this is the day where I went home teetering in 4-inch high-heeled hot pink stilettos (My height instantly shot to 5'11") armful with stuff but I couldn't complain even if I have this dialogue:

I came from the parlor after having my hair flat-ironed when Kang of MAC Makati called me and told me that my product payments were already ready and I could fetch them at the Rustan's head office already.

Makeup ready? Then it's time to go there, sweltering heat and all. When I got there, Sam handed me a plastic bag with the MAC logo and lovely babies inside.

It's got my name. Wheeee! I chatted with Sam a bit before proceeding to my next function. But before that, here's what I got:

The Emmanuel Ungaro Collection :-) It's not gonna come out here though and I'm glad to be able to get my tabs on them. I love the rosy-earthy color schemes I got, which could be perfect for my signature glamour look :). The Emmanuel Ungaro logo etched on the package doesn't hurt too. I love the simple minimalist statement. Shown here is Beauty Powder in Flower Mist Dew, which could double as a blush and highlighter, when all i want is a subtle glow. The cream color base in Fresh Morning can be used as a highlighter or an eyeshadow base. The two eyeshadows mineral and soft flower are very neutral pinks and browns that I could use for everyday. They go well with my Popster tinted lip conditioner if I want just a tad of color on my face.

I got the bonuses to take home not one but two Mineralize Skinfinish compacts. :)

Left is Gold Deposit and on the right is Soft and Gentle, both Skinfinishes are pigmented and can be used as bronzer for a sexy summer glow or a highlighter for those who want some features to pop. Pigment-wise, as I swatch them, they're both good. Summer summer summer is making its way.

A little bonus is an eyeshadow duo from the MAC Suite Array collection. Originally, I got the Smoke & Ash but since you guys already know I purchased it, Sam was nice enough to switch it to something else. I got the Counterparts:

Suite Array is quite sheer so layering is the key. I've got a beige-y base and green eyeshadow. This green is different because it's more muted so smoky smoky smokey!

So aside from MAC I dashed to Discovery Suites for the L'Oreal Luxury Beaute Groupe event (yes... still in the 4-inch heels and sprinting) where L'Oreal unveils their newest products from their Luxury brands - Kiehl's, Lancome, Armani, and Shu Uemura. So I went around sipping cocktails and chatting with makeup artists and familiar faces. We were given Luxe passes where we moved around to try out and find out about what these brands had to offer

At the Kiehl's station, I got to experience a hand massage (yehey! My hands have been overworked). I was given to try the Yerba Mate Tea Gel-Cream, which was light to the touch and to the nose. :) I loved how my hands felt soft after.

And then up at the Shu Uemura station, I saw up-and-coming brow products:

The brow-styling kit for perfect brows to frame the face. I've started becoming OC about eyebrows after I worked with a stylist who taught me everything about eyebrows and to be OC with them as they frame the face. Since Shu Uemura is offering a Brow Styling Course at their Atelier, I plan to take that course soon. I also chatted with Shu Uemura Makeup Artists Qua and Angie Cruz and asked them the long-sought question on how to take care of the Shu Uemura lashes. The trick is to dab cleansing oil on the band to quickly remove the adhesive and clean them and yes, inasmuch as we would want to keep them for life, these lashes have an expiration date. The tweezers also are perfect to attach false lashes on the eyes with precision, especially if you're fidgety about using your own hands.

Oh and I did see a very familiar face:

That's me (in cat's eyes and nude lips reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, whose makeup style influenced my look) and John Pagaduan, Shu Uemura accredited makeup artist.

Straight from a photoshoot, he arrived just in time to do eyebrow styling and answer questions. John has gone a long way since I first met him on counter. He's done numerous magazines and shoots yet he still remains the bubbly and sweet person he is.

When the crowd settled at the Fragrance station, I had a chance to have a one-on-one fragrance workshop with Blossom Alesna-Morante, the Jr. Trade Marketing Manager of Prestige & Collections international. I found out more about perfumes than I could know, like what fragrance suits me according to my personality and how to apply it. Here were some pointers:

  • I found out that my personality being an indoor-party type of girl (not really a clubber but I'm hardly sporty or outdorsy I prefer being indoors in constant temperature and my style is all glamour. Since that's my type of personality, floral-oriental fragrances are for me, which explains why I tend to gear towards floral scents and sexy-woody scents and sometimes men's fragrances. I'm currently using Ralph Lauren Romance (the one in the pink bottle), which is also a good choice. Although my fragrance choices depends on my mood (Like I'm not an outdoorsy girl but I like citrusy scents and fruity scents during summer days), warm scents have always been associated with me.
  • During the day, wear fragrance light, and spritz it in non-pulse points or mist it on the air and walk through it.
  • During night, pulse points should be applied for the scent to linger. Apply it from bottom (ankles, navel, wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind ears) and up. The reason for this is that when the fragrance evaporates, it stays on longer.
  • Rubbing wrists when applying fragrance is a no-no. This is because it crushes the fragrance molecules so the fragrance doesn't last long. Oopsie.

Hmmm... so those are tips that I could remember when I open my cologne for a spritz. I'm currently using baby colognes and body splashes now due to the humidity but during the cooler months, I could learn a tip or two.

I also was introduced to Lancome's newest anti-ageing skincare line, Primordial Cell Defense, with a watery consistency that's okay for oily skin and it works to the chromosomal and genetic level (whew!), and details and review on this to be out soon. :)

Definitely what's an event without goodies?

Come to mommy, babies :) Now I'll be having super-spoiled clients and models. :)

I guess I got one thing to say to these babies after practically teetering and standing up the entire time:

I should wear these more often. :)

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