Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shu Uemura UV Armor Arrives This May 2009

This May 2009, Shu Uemura launches their new Sun Protecting Face Cream namely UV Armor. UV Armor does sound like a weapon of mass destruction but it's actually a sunblock cream in a super-gentle formula.

I got a sneak peek of this as this was given as part of the goodie bag during the Beauty Art Makeup Competition launch. I kinda like the squarish bottle it's in, although it was a challenge to pry out of the box. When I tried it, it went on my skin almost like water and not heavy or creamy. You know what that means, it's like the fates calling to me and saying, "Hey, you have no excuse not to wear sunscreen because it's not heavy and it won't feel like your pores need a quick boost of oxygen!"
Scent-wise, the scent is very light. It smells like the Shu Uemura WRex cleansing oil, if you ask me, which is my favorite cleansing oil, with A/I and Fresh ranking a close second (they're a tie!). Summer makes me gravitate towards lighter scents, so again, no excuse not to wear sunblock.
Whitish cast? Nada. It's easily absorbed by the skin, and I could put my makeup almost right away.
As of now, this is available in Japan, but hey, May is just a few weeks away here in MLA. It's got two SPF factors: 30 and 50.

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