Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday Maximized

Can I just say I'm so happy that it rained?

Lady Luck must have kicked the Fates and told them, "You gotta get this girl's butt to work!" because I was once again productive aside from being my usual bored self.

I was headed out the door when I got an SMS inquiring for my makeup services for graduation since they would be needing my services that day itself. I sure loved to but I already commited, RSVP-ed, and promised to go to an event, which would be by 4:00 p.m. and I needed to be at Makati at that time. Good thing they agreed to take an earlier slot, which was 1 pm. The makeup was supposed to be for my client's graduation. I used my super long-lasting makeup and waterproof mascara and gave her a neutral look ehancing her features and focusing on her youthful glow, since she's only high school.

That's me and my client Ana. I just gave her a natural look and contoured her features so her look doesn't get washed out. Her sister was with us and she told her her own personal experience of the horror she had during her graduation when she looked old. With my philosophy of youthful glow and this trend of hydroluminous skin, I just settled for glowing skin. I used waterproof eyebrow corrector, eye color base, mascara (and spirit gum to glue falsies) and lip fixer plus super-staying makeup for the makeup to last and gave her and her sister retouch tips. For eyebrows, I went for 2 shades lighter than her head color. I set her hair and curled the ends and combed it out for movement and body. Not much on volume since the hair would be flattened out with the graduation cap anyway. :)

After that, I quickly dashed to Makati on cab. Good thing I was able to find one that was willing to take me straight there. But here's the thing, I haven't been to the place at all so today would be my first time. I guess I was lucky because the cab driver knew streets so we were (sorta) able to avoid gridlock traffic.

So what was the event?

This event was a press launch of the Shu Uemura Beauty Art Makeup Competition. Apparently, this competition has been held worldwide and it would be the first time that the Philippines would be joining . There would be a makeup competition where makeup artists would be competing for 2 slots to be part of the Shu Uemura associates team and only one would be chosen to compete in the regional finals. The prize and opportunities are definitely something so I'm sure this would be a hit. I'll post the details soon.

I thought I'd be a lone belle during the event when I was there (and being 30 minutes late due to the little traffic by the rain) but good thing there were familiar faces - Jamie, Shen, and Jheng, the latter two, I finally got to meet personally after commenting on their blogs, now I finally met them and we all got started talking makeup. :)

Of course we wouldn't go away without these new babies:

1. Mika <3> 2. Shu Uemura Bronzing Powder
3. Sunblock Cream (SPF 30)
4. A travel-size bottle of the classic star product: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in Fresh
5. A tiny atomizer of Depsea water

(at this point I'm starting to miss butty-buddy :( )

More stuff for my stash. I love the bronzer. Not only would it give me a sunkissed glow but it could be useful for subtle contours. And of course, the cleansing oil is another heaven on earth.

Makeup kit .

Yes, Tuesday is a lucky day despite the rain

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