Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirty Dirty

Sunday I had a shoot again and despite the fact that I travelled all the way to QC, a land I'm too scared to conquer and got my hands full with cocoa and oil mix (simulated dirt) and dealt with a taxi driver on too much uppers, the outcome was worth it.

models: Fatima and Matt
photographer: Dan Santos
art director and stylist: Dennis Celestial
makeup and hair: Bambi de la Cruz

White outfits brought out the color of the mud and B&W just made it more classic. Makeup is basically smoky eyes and nude lips with defined eyebrows, which totally rock the fierce look. The smoky eyes I made on Fatima were smoky cat's eyes to give the eye a lift plus a sex kitten allure.

Full falsies for a better effect. For her hair, I curled them and totally hairsprayed them. I used hair extensions to add length and volume so her hair has this sexy sort of Giselle Bunchen look.

I love the shock value the shoot has, and the whole impact of the outcome. :) Working with geniuses like Dennis, Dan, Fatima, and Matt are opportunities I wouldnt let pass plus the models were super game. Didn't have a hard time, hence the look of the shoot.

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