Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love From China

Look what I got from China.... :)
This is the real deal. :) It's cheaper at Duty Free. I dunno the RMB exact cost but the peso equivalent is about Php 1,800.

I'm shade #764.
It's one of my favorite summer foundations when I need to go full-face with makeup but since we have a superbly hot summer, I don't want my face feeling suffocated or do I want makeup sliding minutes after I apply it. I received a sample shade (my exact shade) a year ago and I fell so much in love with it I was really saving and maximizing the sachet until not a drop was left. Scent-wise the scent was not heavy to the nose. For some reason, I get sensitive to strongly-scented makeup when the temperatures rise. I love also the feel on the skin. It wasn't sticky or anything and guess what? NO BREAKOUTS AFTER! I still go with a hint of foundation on hot days by diluting it with my moisturizer (Olay Regenerist Day Cream since it's got SPF or Shu Uemura Sunblock SPF 50) just to get an even tone and set with sheer powder since I'm going for sheer coverage.
I test-drove this yesterday and I love the subtle even skin tone I had and I got compliments with it. Plus no icky sticky feel despite the scorchingly hot weather.
There's also a cream formulation of this one, which comes in a jar, which is slightly richer (but not heavy, mind you, I've tried it as well) but I prefer the fluid variety since I like my foundation light.

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