Monday, March 23, 2009

Kitty Lippy: Hello Kitty Lipsticks at a Glance

Again, I passed by at my lovey MAC to say hi and support their launch of the Hello Kitty edition. Since I already bought my merchandise the day before (and in good decision and so did my friend, as they were pretty much almost sold out by the time I got there). With the Hello Kitty babies on parade and on display, I was greeted with a pretty cupcake that looks good enough for a photo-op:

So sweet and so pretty! Anyway, I did swatches and product shots of the Hello Kitty lipsticks on display, since they're just too cute and I'd like to share them:

From L-R: Cutester, Most Popular, Fresh Brew, and Big Bow

There's also that cute Hello Kitty emblem embedded on the lipstick. I'm kinda iffy if I should use it as it's too cute to be destroyed. The packaging is just adorable too shiny with the HK emblem in black, gray, white, and PEEENK!

And here are some swatches!

Sheer, glittery, and frosty. I still love my mattes but I love the moisty, playful palette of these lippies.

So on the left is Cutester, which is a nude pink shade in a frosty finish. This one looks good with smoky eyes and strong contour. I think this would last me till spring ends. The glossy finish means I don't need much gloss with this, and I like that it would make my lips appear fuller sans collagen injections.

Most Popular is darker and the shade is mauve with a hint of purple. I was supposed to get this but since I prefer something warm and classic, I went for Strayin'. I guess for girls who still want the cool-toned lippie this one would be a choice.

Fresh Brew is now more on the brownish side at first, but it really looks like a nude lippie when I swatched it. In my case, I think I should combine this with a coral shade or lipglass to fit my lips but I think morenas could get away with it. The color reminds me of caramel candies too. Hahahaha.

Big Bow was a color too cute on the tube. It's this iridescent pink with some blue flecks. It kinda reminded me of a cooler shade of my Fafi Flash-N-Dash. From last I saw, there were still some stocks of Big Bow on counter. Maybe if there are still some available, I'll grab this too. Heeheehee.

I ended up getting Cutester, Strayin' (a nude pink in a frost finish), and Popster lip conditioner. The Popster lip conditioner is actually a recommendation by a friend (thanks so much!), and I'm really lovin' it for the staying power, the slight warm corally-pink tint, the hint of candy flavor and the SPF 15 too so my lips stay kissable and protected from harmful UV rays. Also, it goes well with my minimal-makeup look for summer (and this look, yes, I'm sporting right now). Both of these I love and I can't wait to go out in them.

Well, of course, it's makeup. How could I not resist? Heeheeheehee.


Care G. said...

I have Strayin' too and it's now out of stock. They still have Big Bow (I dropped by earlier!). I wanted to get Popster too but it's out of stock din. Grabe, HK is flying odd the shelves.

Steph said...

I think another reason why I wasn't able to buy any from the collection is that I'm scared of bright colors. and HK definitely has that edge. I'm a huge MAC fan but the HK collection just didn't tickle my fancy. (please dont kill me) LOL. but based on your post, I think I'm liking Strayin'. I guess I'll drop by MAC again (hopefully, they've restocked na).

On a slightly different note, I'm looking forward for the Sugarsweet collection since it has more subdued candy-ish colors. :D

Bambi said...

Hi CareG! I know! super! it's cute eh

Bambi said...

Ey Steph! correction pala, it's cutester in the display. Strayin' is more nude pink, but they're very subdued naman if you try them, more frost than super satin, creme, or matte

teeyah. said...

Me wants Big Bow! :D Lurve your post Bambi. :D