Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul and Joe

Last Friday I attended a birthday party

There were flowers

and cupcakes

turns out, it was the second birthday party of Paul and Joe, the Japanese-French brand that made waves in manila for its cutesy packaging and incorporating skincare with the brand. Of course being the P&J fan that I am, I attended it (and also Von would curse me to oblivion if I missed it. hahahahaha). As always, I'm very punctual in my events evoking my presence hours before call time. So knowing Von would be super busy in the event itself and 1 hour before the event, we posed for a photo-op.

All in good time that I have bounced back from my flu (yet losing weight in the process). Von toured me around the venue as well, which was set up just for the birthday party. The crowd poured in shortly and I was able to spot a few friends and finally met Multiply friend Randy Capinpin. I also said hi to Ms. Mari Wild, who happens to be a teacher at CAS and also one of those that got me hooked to P&J (she purchased also a Bambi blush that day! :) )
As usual, there was a demo featuring the spring-summer trends (pink and peach, naturally the color shades for this season) done by Paul and Joe makeup artists Cherry Pacheco Uy and Lanie Acedillo

Here's Cherry explaining the demo with Lanie at work. The look is very simple, very gorgeous and natural, something that I like since I don't want to be wearing too much makeup since it's summer.

After that, raffles were given where the grand prize winner won makeup worth Php50,000 from Paul and Joe. There were also special prizes given as well. Since there was a sale that day of up to 40% off, Paul and Joe items were flying off the shelves. I managed to score eye color powder #12, which is a pretty gold shade. I first saw this when I attended their seminar at Ascott and their international makeup artist, Craig Ryan French, used this on my model to highlight her cheekbones. I loved the effect of warm gold highlights and now that it's on sale, I purchased one (It was slashed from Php 1,025 to Php 615 bucks!). And all in good luck, it was the only one left.

Of course, who wouldn't be happy to score these babies:

(with my previous MAC purchase), Eye color powder in #12, light cream foundation samples in #30, and WHEEE! more moisturizing compact foundation samples! Since their base makeup is one of the best out there, notice my glee. Oh and they're my shade too. :)

What a way to cap off the night and to a nice vacay mode again. :)


Anonymous said...

oh nooo... i plan on getting 10 different items from paul and joe (i made a list haha). do they still have stock? is there still a sale? ahh i'm so sad... was gana go there next week T.T

Bambi said...

meron pa marse. :) check mo.

at talaga may list!