Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MAC Prep+Prime Lash

Okay I finally gave in and purchased a lash primer. I know, I have never owned one since I thought I could just do with the regular mascara but hey... I could not resist because it was MAC and after I used it on counter... I loved it so much and I'm so obsessed with having bulked-up lashes. I needed a mascara base for my Lancome Colour Virtuose Mascara, which I've been using for quite a while but it didn't seem to make any difference in my lashes, if you notice in some of my FOTDs, where I use Lancome, so I purchased my own MAC Prep+Prime Lash tube.

Retail price: Php 800.00 at all MAC outlets

Slick Black Tube. :) I could be having hard time rumaging for it though in my makeup kit since it looks similar to my other tubes.

The wand tip is interesting, though... aesthetically speaking... I dunno, I just find the brush/wand shape cute:

Hey look... Spirals!

Like all lash primers, this is applied to the lashes before mascara and sort of "bulks up" and lengthens my lashes. When I applied it, I could see that it coats the strands and there are white fibers sticking to the ends of my lashes, sort of like "extending it". For personal use, you can apply this directly. For clients, a mascara brush may be needed.

So here are my curled lashes before applying primer:

There's makeup already here, so my eyes do not look too nonexistent or dead yet my lashes are almost invisible even if they have been previously curled. I have thick lashes but they're not that long. boo. :(

So anyway, with primer+mascara (I used Lancome Colour Virtuose mascara here. On its own, the effect is subtle, not bulking level, at least that's my experience) But with Prep+Prime:

Hello Lashes! No post-processing done here. I think this one made my regular mascara stick more and I like the extra lengthening effect. I have no problem with my lashes bulking up with more volume but with length, I need extra help. Plus this primer's lighter and much more comfortable than sporting false eyelashes again. I don't go for eyelash extensions since I like to play with my lashes a lot, and I don't want the comittment of too much touch-ups. There are other alternative lash primers too, but since I've already tried and tested MAC's, I went and got out this one and I'm sharing my opinion. Plus, it's a relatively cheap mascara base as compared to other bases.

If you're asking, can it be used for Back-2-MAC? yes it could. along with the brush cleanser bottle. I just need 3 more and I could score myself a free lipstick! Horray!

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Askmewhats said...

wow..it does make a HUGE difference :)