Friday, May 25, 2012

Avon Summer Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone? So how's everyone enjoying the summer? Anyway, it's time for contest results and we're here to announce the winners!!!!! Looks like there are 6 contestants and 6 prizes so everyone's a winner yay!!! I hope people get to join more contests too. It's gonna be my birthday in a few weeks so I think I'll throw in a raffle again. Hopefully, I'm not too busy.

Anyway, I chose the winners randomly and here they are.

Item 1: Avon Fashions Spice Market Collection Necklace and Earrings:

Helen Blas

Item 2: Smokes and Mirrors Eyeshadow Quad

Jen Lapis

Item 3:  Avon Naturals Antibacterial Hand Gels

Azaza Rodriguez

Item 4: Six Bottles of Avon Heaven Scent Splash Colognes

Mary Grace Elardo

Item 5: Avon Style Essentials Nail Buffer and Nail Clipper Set  and Avon Naturals Shake Body Lotion in Strawberry Guava

Rhania Chang

Item 6:  Outspoken Intense By Fergie Shower Gel

Genn Delizo

Yay! awesome! I'm contacting the winners now via email as to how they can claim their prizes. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy the rest of the summer.


MissGennD said...

Thank you so much Bambi!

Helen Blas said...

Thank you, Bambi! I sent you an email. :)

Bambi said...

yes yes! i'll send them over this weekend or next week. busy so much with stellar preps but promise they will reach you!

rhaindropz said...

hi ms bambi =) thank you po for being one of the winners (yehey advance birthday gift)