Friday, February 22, 2013

Hair Tutorial For Bombastic, Bodacious Hair

And finally, I got my blogging mojo so what does this little kitty do? I blog. Yay! Hello you all I hope you had an awesome, awesome Valentine's Day. This post today is actually a little carry-over from last week's Valentines. I do a hair tutorial! Omigod, yes. I actually am doing a hair tutorial, the girl who doesn't comb her hair. Anyway, you know me, I'm really not into the sugary saccharine pretty princessy looks for Valentines. I wanted something fierce and fab. Hence, the name of the hair tutorial - bombastic, bodacious hair. Or as I would like to call it, the bombastar hair. 

This really works well with Valentines if you want to look really sexy and sultry, or just any day of the week or year. I mean, darling, if you wanna look pretty and hot that day then GO! I might have to warn you though, this will take a lot of time though, especially if you have really long and thick hair, like me. The results, however are really pretty and worth it. So I suggest like make this hair really pretty and then I'll show you an easy way to wear your makeup so it matches your hair.

So here's what you need:


  • four large velcro rollers
  • a wide curling iron
  • a hair dryer (my hair dryer has a built-in brush attachment to it, which I love, especially since I did this on my own)
  • A sectioning comb with a pointy tip handle


  • Mousse
  • Hair spray
  • Light-hold Hair wax.

I'm using here all Indola products, which are really awesome in performance and quite easy to use and friendly to my hair. They're not available in drugstores though but you can get them in cosmetics fairs or salons that carry them.

Start with hair that's almost dry instead of hair that's dripping from the shower. You can do your makeup first    and then your hair or some jumping jacks too. Or you can just rough-dry first your hair with a blow dryer just to get some of the moisture out. This hairstyle works well with hair that's naturally wavy but not too curly or kinky and digipermed hair, that got quite a bit ramen-like in shape and you wanna shape it into something a bit prettier and sexier. Also, please if you want this hairstyle to work, please do not put shampoo and conditioner to your hair because the hairstyle will not stay with glossy squeaky clean hair. Dry, dirty hair works best for this. If you're the type who can't stand dirty hair, you may use strong soap to wash your hair. If your hair is fine, this can help if you want the style to hold too. 

So this is my hair. Like I told you, it's also got some wave into it, but there's quite a lot of frizzies and frizzy isn't bomba star like. 

First up, apply a dollop of mousse and spread on hair. Don't load up on the roots because that will weigh the hair down.

Then, blow dry hair smooth with a blow dryer. It doesn't have to be perfectly poker straight like the salons do it, just smooth enough to get the frizzies out. For extra beauty queen like volume, blow dry at a 90-degree angle. 

If you can see, my hair isn't poker straight after blow-drying but still quite smooth than the picture before this.

Take the three sections of hair that frame your face and set it in rollers as shown in the photo. The fourth roller may be placed at the back of the center roller for added volume.

Boo!! Scared you. 
 Next, curl the remaining hair using the curling iron. I started with the bottom section and moved up. If you want, you may set the hot curled hair with pins first and start dressing up. Walk around the house for a good 10 minutes looking like the Fat Lady in Kung Fu Hustle.

The curls have this kind of shape. It's soft and not too Goldilocks-like. 

Remove the rollers after 10 minutes. Or longer. The hair will have a slight wave.

You may go over these sections with hot curing iron if you want more shape.

Shape the hair with a comb to the style desired.

Use a bit of hair wax to tame any frizzies. Don't put too much or it would weigh hair down.

Set with hairspray.

Yay! Hair!

The best way to rock this look is to own it. You might want to change up your makeup into something a bit more dramatic. In this case, I added a bit of winged liner and hot pink lipstick for a vintagey vibe.

Own this look by feeling it when you get out of the house. There's no demure bomba star. Wear those heels, walk with fabulousness, and flash that smile. This pretty look is great for a party, a night out. Have fun!


Jillsabs said...

Love this tutorial!

What hair curling iron did you use? And can I skip the blow dryer part with this look?

Bambi said...

Hi Jillsabs!

I used a big barrel curling iron from Vidal Sassoon. It's the yellow one, I think 1-1/2 inches.

As for the blow dryer, it gives it more volume with smoothness and shapes the hair better. My hair tends to frizz a lot and this helped me give a bit of smoothness and initial shape.

I Love Everything About It said...

love it!