Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Very First...

Train case that is...

Would you believe that I NEVER OWNED A MAKEUP CASE/TRAIN CASE - EVER! Until now. I just thought it was deadly expensive and a gym bag would be practical for someone like me who refuses to take a car, refuses to renew her driver's license, and just go, "I don't want to plunk an extra 5,000 on something so heavy that I'd have to pay double my fare. Although practical for me since I could just put the thing in my lap, It was a pain having to set up since I have to bring out all my pouches whereas my colleagues with makeup cases have an easier time setting up. They'd just lay out the stuff on the table and open their malettes and then go whereas I have to take everything out and cleaning up is a chore.

Since my back and shoulders have been strained with the gym bag and the gym bag broke down, I got a trolley (A small suitcase that I pull), and it could accomodate my equipment for hair, rollers included. This, though was another pain especially if I only had one model to shoot. My problems with setting up were not resolved though my back pain was solved.

Anyways, I was searching online and I found someone auctioning her train case. It looks like this: the exact picture she posted:

It's a a 3-layer case made of aluminum. It's relatively small, 8x7x7 I think, but it's okay if I'm doing bridal where there are only select colors, if I have just one model/client, or if I'm doing male grooming. Anyway, I bid before at 350 only to lose. But she relisted it again and I won the bid for 1k. Usually, they sell stuff like this at 2,500 at makeup schools so 1k is a good buy.

Since, it was bulky, we decided to meet-up instead at Glorietta. I asked Mika (the girl selling the makeup case) why she's selling it and she said that she doesn't need it anymore and since it's been hanging in her house long enough, she decided to sell it (good decision heeheehee). True enough I needed a good train case to save me from the hassle and this was a good buy. When I got it, it was still in pretty good condition, save for a few bumps and scratches from wear-and-tear. It was just dusty from storage but with good cleaning, it will be okay.

I showed it to my other co-MuAs (first Mikee of MAC, who taught me how to clean it then the people at Paul and Joe). I disinfected the exterior and interior and wiped them clean with soapy water and wiped them dry and sprayed it again with disinfectant. After which I proceeded brushing the exterior to remove the dust, rubbed it with a damp cloth, and polished it. I let it dry then organized my "Bridal Supplies" in it. It was able to accommodate foundations, concealers, powders, pencils, blush, some palettes. I just have to keep the lipsticks, mascaras, and skin care in another bag or trolley but at least, setting up and working would be easier.

So here's the makeup case:

Reconditioned and newly-polished

And now full of goodies:

It was such a good bargain. I'll be fixing the interiors this weekend, since the bottom floor still needs work. Actually, once I get used to it, I'll be able to toy around with the exteriors wth some aluminum paints and all.
Looking at this train case, I can't wait for my next gig where I could use this. :D Now for a labeler!
Thanks Mika for the train case. Rest assured that it will be in good hands. ;-)

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