Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Makeupbybambi Reviews: The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara

With lipstick, mascara is one makeup product I cannot live without (well, theoretically speaking, I cant live without my makeup stash since it's what feeds me heehee). Mascara gives that wide-eyed, feminine, put-together look and even without eyeshadow, mascara alone can just do wonders. Maybe it's also because it gives the lashes extra definition that further frames the eye, just as how our eyebrows frame the face.

When The Body Shop launched their mineral makeup line a month ago, they had a promo where we do not only get 100-300 pesos off our purchase, we also get a free mascara, which was their Divide & Multiply Mascara. I got this when I purchased an eyeshadow brush and here I am reviewing it for you.

The Body Shop Divide and Multiply mascara, their newest to their line of mascaras aims to:

"Extend your lashes to glamorous new lengths with an ultra-fiber based, non-clumping mascara." [text credits]

It also contains Community Trade marula oil, which conditions the lashes. So, our lashes don't just get mega lengthening power, they also get TLC, and this is great since mascara can sometimes dry our lashes. Remember, lashes are also hair.

So, looking at the brush, when I opened it, I saw that there were fine bristles (to ensure that mascara stays clump-free, I suggest wiping the wand with a tissue before use) and these bristles enable to coat each lash hair, especially for those with super fine lash hairs.

The end-tip part I could use to apply mascara to the hard-to-reach areas like inside corners of my eyes. Basically, it was quite easy to apply and doesn't require much dexterity as some mascaras and this could be attributed to how the wand is shaped. Don't expect the lashes to bulk-up though. By definition, this is a defining and lengthening mascara, meaning the lashes are defined and separated creating the illusion of more fringes and the lengthening quality of the formula means fibers stick to the ends of the lashes "extending" them. The effect is really more natural rather than va-voom. The formula isn't waterproof though. In fact, it washes away quite easily. Not to fret, though, our non-waterproof mascaras can be used if we want a natural look or when we're taking a break from all the waterproof mascara we use (too much waterproof mascara can be taxing on the lashes)

An after-effect:

On the left picture, that's just curled lashes with no mascara. The one on the right shows the effect of the product. Note how the lashes are more defined (my lashes are quite sparse here. Blame it in a little accident. heeheehee). The effect is more subtle rather than the plumping effect a volumizing mascara would give. This mascara just separates the lashes and lengthens them. Note also in the bottom lashline how the difference is more distinct. Lower lashes with mascara are more obvious and more defined.

Overall, the effect of this mascara is subtle. I'd use this mascara when I want a simple, no-makeup look since the effect is gentle or when I just want to go with minimal makeup but I want my eyes more defined. I can also use this in conjunction with a waterproof volumizing mascara for more drama. With the shape of the handles and ease in application, this can also be used on the bottom lashline.


Askmewhats said...

it definitely lengthened your lashes!

By the way, saw your photo at Marie Claire for the quick interview! Love it!!! :) Congrats!

Bambi said...

hi nikki! yeah! hahaha actually was gonna feature that next!