Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot Treat: Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel

Since I can't afford major dermatological sessions nor do I have the energy or guts to subject my skin to laser beams, I went for regular, DIY approaches that are less traumatizing to my bank account. I was intrigued when friends told me about the Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel on how it relaxes the pores and rejuvinates the skin. Also, it warms up on the skin on contact. So, when I was asked what stuff I want abroad, I requested a tube of this product.

"activates regeneration of surface skin cells for the results of a mini-professional treatment....rejuvenated, newer skin.

"Rejuvenate...water activated, self-heating formula deeply warms skin to relax pores. Reveal...nourishing hydration for skin that is beautifully moisturized. Regenerate...exfoliating glycolic acid + micro-crystal complex gently polishes skin's surface for the look of newer skin."

Since it exfoliates and contains glycolic acid, it's recommended to wear sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or higher after using the product and avoiding sun exposure.

Drections: After moistening face with water, dispense the product (pea-sized is what I used) and dab onto forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. Massage all over face and re-wet 1-2 times and rinse with water.

The product is water-activated and it warms upon contact with the water on the face. For those who are warry of the skin "burning," the warmth is not too hot, but just like a sauna or hot steam during the facial. Also, be sure to avoid the eye and lip areas as these can be sensitive. I also advise not to scrub too vigorously, especially if the skin is quite sensitive to avoid scratching it. I also love the smell since it's not too heavy on my nose. After I rinsed my skin, I've noticed how my skin felt significantly smoother. The warmth of course, was gone. I applied Olay Regenerist Serum right after to seal in the moisture, since I wasn't going out. If I were going out, I would need its day cream or a separate sunblock, especially if I'll be out in the scorching sun

Me: No makeup, no photo-retouching, no special effects right after using Daily Thermal Mini-Peel and Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum.
This product, however, is not available localy and is available (as far as I know) in the US. I use this once-a-week, although the product states that it's okay for daily use. Exfoliating for me should be done (at most) twice a week since my skin could get sensitive. Do I love it? I sure do. I just can't wait for my Thermal-Peel Day!

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