Friday, November 7, 2008

Makeupbybambi loves Marie Claire!

I'm loving Marie Claire this month!

At the Music, Tats, and Flowers event I attended at Mag Net in Bonifacio High Street, I was interviewed by MC's Kate Alvarez as part of their Vox Pop section. The question was, "If you could be famous for a day, who would you be?"

Also, it didn't stop there. I also was interviewed as a source person for that same issue's Get That Look


It was great sharing my knowledge to a wider audience. :) I'm glad I was interviewed. I got a guestbook comment asking if I've seen it and yes I have and I'm excited about it until now.

All these in Marie Claire's November 2008 issue. Thanks to Kate Alvarez for the interviews.


Askmewhats said...

yay! congrats to you!!! :)

dustbunny said...

hey bambi congratulations! did you see that gorgeous red lips judy ann santos is rocking on the cover? do you know any lipstick with that color? thanks! i'm all over red lipsticks.. wink (;

josi said...

You are sooo lucky.......Wow! I love Mally too...have you tried any of her stuff?