Thursday, July 1, 2010

Avy's Brush Luuuurve

Just sharing my friend Avy's brush collection, her most precious possessions and the envy of many makeup artists. Avy's a makeup artist friend of mine who regularly guests at MAC. Her addiction happens to be, as she would tell us to be brushes and lashes. When she posted her collection in Facebook, I was gawking at her brushes. While hanging out with her at the mall earlier, I asked her if I could blog about her brush collection and feature them here and I'm glad she agreed. And so my friends, I am sharing pictures of them to you for inspiration.

Here's a close-up view of the smaller MAC brushes for eyes, lips, and face.

However, that picture is only about a quarter of her entire MAC brush collection. Those are all original MAC brushes and some are backups of brushes still in their protective coverings.Huwaaaaawwwwww!!!!! Check out the stippling bruses, the face brushes, kabuki brushes, and eye brushes. Avy shares too that she gets asked a lot by customs when she shows her brush collection. But guys, brushes are our best friends!

Aside from MAC, she also has completed the Bobbi Brown brush collection:
Bobbi + MAC brushes = Bambi's dream come true. I could just stare at her collection all day. She takes care of them really well. I've seen the brushes up close and they are in excellent condition. She shares too that she uses Joy dishwashing liquid for cleaning brushes stained with heavily pigmented makeup to get rid of all of that gunk and keep her babies in top condition that's absolutely germ and stain-free.

Aside from MAC and Bobbi Brown, Avy also collects brushes from Body Shop, Chanel, and Make Up For Ever.

Avy loves the foundation brush of The Body Shop. It was Avy who also introduced me to this Make Up For Ever nose contour brush that fits exactly the sides of the nose for a perfect nose line.

Sometimes looking at makeup and brush hauls uplifts the mood. How I do wish my brush haul was as fantastic as hers? Maybe soon. ;-)

Thanks for letting me feature your brush collection, Avy!

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